About Us: The San Francisco Bay Section

The largest local section in all of CWEA

The San Francisco Bay Section comprises more than 1,700 professionals from all disciplines related to wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and disposal. SFBS members work for public agencies that operate and regulate wastewater system, as well as industry, academia, environmental groups, engineering consultants, and equipment operators.

The SFBS is a forum for wastewater-industry people to share information, experiences and opinions. As a tax-exempt educational organization, the Section is committed to enhancing the professional knowledge and status of its members. The section also endeavors to improve the public’s knowledge and understanding of water pollution control.

Our Board has 7 members:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Program Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Past President
  • Past Treasurer (when applicable)

The section has 9 active committees including:

  • Awards
  • Collection Systems
  • Communications
  • Laboratory
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Professional Development
  • Safety
  • Students and Young Professionals
  • Technical Certification Program

The committee’s are the heart of the CWEA SFBS section programs. For more information about our Section or upcoming events, please contact one of our board of directors or committee members.

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