Welcome to the Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater Committee

Message from Michael Placencia…

Welcome to the P3S community at CWEA! The P3S community promotes professional and technical excellence in the field of water pollution source control, including pretreatment, pollution prevention, and stormwater through education and training.


Michael Placencia, P3S Committee Chair 2024-25

Delta Diablo

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P3S Grant
The CWEA P3S Committee is offering grants for P3S-related projects. Agencies are encouraged to get creative and partner with community groups or use the funds to leverage a new project – an outreach event, a P3S science night at the local elementary, a new FOG flier, etc.
P3S Person of the Year
The Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention & Stormwater Person of the Year (P3S) Award recognizes P3S professionals for exceptional achievement and contribution to the profession while being an active member of the CWEA.
P3S Facility of the Year
The purpose of the Facility of the Year (FOTY) Award is to create incentive on the part of industrial users taking proactive steps to meet current environmental pollution control standards. The FOTY Award gives an opportunity for CWEA members to provide positive publicity and recognition of the industrial user’s efforts and successes with protecting the water environment.
P3S Silver Cover
The Order was established to honor individuals that have provided dedicated, long term, high effort level service to the Committee. In addition, the roster of the Order includes the agency/company that employed the inductees during the majority of their service to the Committee. In this way, those agencies/companies are recognized and remembered for supporting the Committee.


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