A drone view of Lake Oroville looking from the South Fork showing extremely low water under the Enterprise Bridge during a drought. Photo taken July 26, 2021. (Photo by Kelly M. Grow, CA DWR)

When In Drought: Ask a California Water Pro

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East San Diego’s Approach to Water Resiliency

By Kyle Swanson, Padre Dam MWD, CWEA Member, WaterWorld 
“Building a legacy of water innovation takes years of planning, determination, leadership, partnerships — and funding. These elements have coalesced in East San Diego County, Calif., for an innovative and collaborative water reuse project.”

California Invests in Recycled Water as Droughts Takes a Toll

By Carl Smith, Governing
“Today, we recycle anywhere from 90 to a 100million gallons of water a day, and at least half of that goes to a spreading basin in LA county and percolates into our aquifer,” said Basil Hewitt, LACSD and CWEA member. “950 sites throughout the county have been utilizing our recycled water, but with metropolitan we can do a lot more.”

Secure California’s future water supply and invest in recycled water

By Jennifer West, WateReuse California, CalMatters
“The current drought is severe, but policymakers and water managers know the situation could be much worse without the previous investments in water recycling. There is simply no better investment to make now than providing at least $500 million in funding for recycled water.”

Op-Ed: Wastewater recycling got derailed in LA. Now it’s back

By Marc Haefele, Los Angeles Times
“Water utilities have learned the importance of gaining public support for water recycling projects. Once communities have an understanding of the science and safety of purified recycled water, they support it.”


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