Cucamonga Valley Water District wastewater crew (photo courtesy of CVWD)

WEF Debuts Wastewater Collection Systems, Manual of Practice 7


Wastewater collection systems are valuable assets to their communities and play a crucial role in public and environmental health. However, their value is often under-recognized and under-appreciated, leading to inadequate reinvestment and insufficient resources for the proper management of these systems.

Wastewater Collection Systems Management, MOP 7 is designed to address these challenges and to help wastewater collection system managers become proficient in the multitude of technical and nontechnical skills required to operate and maintain a collection system efficiently and effectively.

Now in its 7th Edition, MOP 7 features new chapters, including “Collection System Assessment and Capital Improvement Planning” and “Emergency Preparedness and Security.”

Get the guidance, strategies, and ideas you need to succeed within these many fields of expertise!

Key Features

  • Up-to-date U.S. EPA and state guidelines
  • Coverage of CMOM guidance criteria
  • Recommendations for how to use public communication platforms
  • Strategies for developing comprehensive asset management programs for collection systems