WEF Announces New Resource for Water Professionals, Access Water


WEF recently announced a brand-new resource for water professionals, Access Water®.

As a 21st-century water quality professional, you need to work anywhere and everywhere on all kinds of devices and, to do that effectively, you must be able to instantly access and share technical content no matter where you are. But too often, cumbersome search processes, siloed content, and accessibility issues get in the way, slowing you down, making you less efficient and less productive.

Powered by WEF, Access Water organizes the information and technical content critical to the water sector into a single, central location. It’s a content repository accessible from any location. With Access Water, you have on-demand access to a constantly growing library starting with almost 20,000 pieces of content. Easily search, cite, write, share, discuss, and learn…all within one powerful tool.

WEF members will receive complimentary access to a wide array of trusted technical content available through Access Water, including

  • Proceedings Archive, which includes
    • WEFTEC proceedings (2000-2014) and
    • WEF Specialty Conference proceedings (2000-2014);
  • Fact sheets;
  • Select technical reports; and
  • New content added regularly

WEF Members also receive discounted prices on all items on the platform as well as the annual subscription, which provides access to almost 20,000 pieces of content on the platform.

It’s never been more important to have 365/24/7 access to the content you need every day. At any time and from any location and device, Access Water allows you to dynamically search, discover, and use content on the platform. Bookmark, cite, and discuss content easily. Plus, customize your experience by saving items to your personal library and adding notes to content.