Video: P3S Pretreatment Training Webinar on Inspections and Treatment Plant Upsets

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

Two presentations:

  1. Understanding Compliance Inspection using the 6Ps Model for PCI Audits by Miguel Rodas, City of LA, LA Sanitation & Environment The 6Ps model serves as a navigational tool for LASAN’s inspectors and stands for products, processes, pollutants, pretreatment system (PTS), parameters, and plan of the shop.LASAN’s Industrial Waste Management Division (IWMD) has developed inspection forms to be used during routine inspections. This presentation will highlight the 6Ps model system, what all ECIs should be aware of during pretreatment compliance inspection (PCI) audits and what auditors may find as deficiencies during PCI audits.
  2. Treatment Plant Response: An ECIs role in Investigating Reclamation Plant Incidents and Upsets by Bhupendra Patel, City of LA, LA Sanitation & Environment As source control inspector, you may be called upon to identify the cause (i.e. illegal dischargers, etc.) of plant incidents or upsets. This Webinar will provide a brief Overview of the City of Los Angeles’s Pretreatment Program, LA’s Water Reclamation Plants, LASAN’s Treatment Plant Response Program, and Case Studies from LA, and key take-aways.