Video: California Water, Wastewater Agency Leaders Discuss Partnerships, One Water

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Discover how leadership at two public sector water environment organizations can and has influenced innovation.

In 2021 the essential services these organizations provide to help cities and society at large address both longstanding and more recent challenges became clearer.  This requires new thinking, new approaches, and new partnerships.  In arid, Southern California, water is too precious to use just once.  So, the Metropolitan Water Districts of Southern California is making a major investment in a potential water recycling project that will reuse water currently sent to the ocean.

The Regional Recycled Water Program will purify wastewater to produce sustainable, high-quality water that could be used again.  This partnership with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts started with a demonstration facility and could eventually become one of the largest advanced water treatment plants in the world.  Hear directly from GMs Adel Hagekhalil and Robert Ferrante ideas that can help communities identify major priorities – both challenges and opportunities.