Veterans in Water: Rita Mooney, Administrative Assistant

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Rita Mooney, Administrative Assistant with Helix Water District
Tenure: 13 years
Certification held: D2
Branch/years of service: US Army/3 Years

What is your role?

I support the safety office.  I manage training and the medical surveillance program and I provide admin support for emergency operations, safety programs, safety committee and the wellness program. I conduct ergonomics evaluations.  I also serve as back up customer service for our Operations Center, handling incoming calls. I assist customers with pressure and field related issues and dispatch to appropriate crews as necessary.

What/who inspired you to work in water?

I was looking for work and changing careers. There was an opening for an admin position at Helix Water District. It looked like a great organization to work for, with excellent benefits.  Water is obviously important to life, so that makes working here meaningful and public service is very satisfying.

What fuels your passion for your work?

This organization has a high regard for internal and external customer service.  The people who work here care about doing their best.  There is great consideration made when hiring people who strive to do their best and who want to improve themselves.  There are opportunities and encouragement to grow in a variety of ways. I get inspired by others here, and I try to inspire others as well.

Why should veterans join this field?

There is a feeling I had, especially when serving overseas, that fellow soldiers were kind of like family. We were in it together.  There is a similar feeling at this water district.  People do truly care about each other and support each other. There is a feeling of mission and pride and camaraderie.  I have the privilege of working closely with an individual who has become my best friend. That is an unbeatable benefit!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

I really enjoy getting to do ergonomics evaluations.  I have a background in yoga, work on our wellness program and have gotten ergonomics certifications while working here.  Helping people to feel better while on the job, by adjusting their chair, moving their keyboard, getting a new mouse, or using a power posture while doing fieldwork is very gratifying.

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