Certification Program Offers New Handbook and Exam Blueprint


The TCP Committee and staff are working hard to improve our certification publications and to continue developing new content to help our members and candidate applicants. There will be several new publications rolling out in 2019.

The new TCP Candidate Handbook is for certification applicants of all vocations. It contains an overview of the certification program’s policies and procedures – simplified in one easy to read document! Find information about qualifying for an exam, submitting an application, scheduling an exam and more.

New ECI Grade 1 Publication

Also available is the ECI 1 Exam Blueprint & Suggested References. This is a new certification publication that is intended to help ECI Grade 1 exam candidates better understand the test content and help trainers better understand the job role being tested. These publications are available to download free from cert.cwea.org/prepare.

The materials offered to all ECI candidates is transitioning from the Study Guides to the Exam Blueprints and TCP Candidate Handbook. We plan to publish Exam Blueprints for the Environmental Compliance Inspector grades 2-4. Please be patient and rest assured that we will keep you posted on release dates for the advanced certifications.

It is important to know that the exam is not changing; the exam content outline and knowledge, skills, and abilities tested are still the same. The Exam Blueprint offers more description of the exam content outline and updated suggested references.

Information for Grades 2-4

If you are wondering whether to take an ECI exam now or wait for the Exam Blueprint for grades 2-4, keep in mind that the exam content is not changing.  If you need to take the test now, you should take it. If you wish to wait until the Exam Blueprint is published, you certainly can choose to do that. If you have already applied to take the test in a specific window, you can change windows by using the complimentary transfer all candidates receive. If you have already used your complimentary transfer, we will waive any second transfer fee as long as your application is in the active period (one year from your original testing window). If you need to transfer outside your one-year active application window, you may cancel without incurring the typical admin fee.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Certification Project Manager Lydia Guerra at [email protected].

We appreciate the hardwork of the volunteer ECI Subject Matter Experts who review the exams (most recently in 2016) and who are working on the Exam Blueprint & Suggested References.  If you have any questions, please contact Certification Manager Norah Duffy at [email protected].

You can find out more about CWEA’s certification program in general at cert.cwea.org

*The Advanced Water Treatment Operator certification (AWTO) is a program jointly developed by CWEA and CA-NV AWWA. Please note CA-NV AWWA manages the candidate application process.