State Releases Q&A and Roadmap on New ELAP Laboratory Regs


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From the State Water Board

Top 5 Questions People are Asking about the New California ELAP Regulations

  1. When will the new regulations take effect? 
    The regulations become effective on October 1, 2020. However, several new provisions will not be required immediately. Read on for more info.
  2. Do I have to comply with the TNI Standard on October 1, 2020?
    No. TNI is not required until October 1, 2023. During the 3-year transition period, labs will continue being held to the quality assurance requirements in the current (outgoing) regulations.
  3. My laboratory has sophisticated instrumentation and will need to have its on-site assessment performed by a third-party assessment (TPA) agency. What should I do?
    Attend ELAP’s Virtual Third-Party Assessor Workshop (date TBD soon!) to get your questions answered. We know labs are experiencing anxiety around the unknowns related to this process, so ELAP is waiving this application requirement for labs expiring in 2020 and 2021.
  4. What are the requirements for my application?
    It depends on when your certificate is set to expire. Check out our nifty graphic, Roadmap to ELAP Accreditation: Application Requirements, to see which path your laboratory is on.
  5. Does ELAP have a plan to help?
    Yes! ELAP is in this with you! We’ll be setting up virtual events in coordination with your lab community leaders and colleagues who want to help you during the transition. We’re here to make sure every laboratory has a path to compliance.

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Roadmap to ELAP Accreditation Infographic

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