Social Media Takeover: California Water Professionals Appreciation Week 2020

Members in the News, Wastewater News

We are handing over the reins once again of our Instagram page to two CWEA members during California Water Professionals Appreciation Week. They will give you a first hand look into their lives as wastewater champions. Be sure to follow along:

CWEA Instagram: @cweamembers

Tyler Lee: Tyler is a WRRF Operator for the City of San Luis Obispo where he lives with his wife, Kristy, and dog, Kona. He holds a Grade IV Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certification through the State of California, as well as a T2, D2, a CWEA Collection System Maintenance Grade 2, and a Grade 3 Advanced Water Treatment certification. He is currently working on two master’s degrees—an MBA and a master of science in management and leadership. Tyler has developed the OIT Internship Program for the City of SLO and is responsible for intern training and development while preparing them for future employment. Tyler is an avid golfer and enjoys hiking and cycling in his free time. Tyler will take control on October 7 and 8.

Cheyanne Harris: Cheyanne is a Civil Engineer with Brown and Caldwell, a grad student at UC Davis and an inspiring young professional eager to learn more, take on new challenges and make the profession a more equitable one, something she recently started by participating in Balance and Belonging initiatives at Brown and Caldwell to build a workplace where everyone can thrive. Cheyanne will take control on October 9 and 10.