SmartCover Offering a COVID-19 Relief Package Remote Sewer Monitoring at No Cost

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News from California manufacturer SmartCover.

SmartCover Offering a COVID-19 Relief Package Remote Sewer Monitoring at NO COST

In response to the strain on collection systems, staff and resources,  SmartCover is providing a COVID-19 Relief Package to make remote sewer asset monitoring available at no charge.

During this time of uncertainty, our role as public health protectors is more important than ever. Sewers are the first line of defense and we want to help you get through this without any spills.


As a result of the toilet paper shortage, people are turning to alternatives such as wipes and paper towels and these substitutions are causing blocked pipes and ragged pumps across the nation.

Limited manpower exacerbated by work from home and potential sickness are all factors creating increased stress and risk of spills.

With the potential to lose more active duty field crew, SmartCover can create a manpower multiplier for you TODAY.

Sewer monitoring can remove the need for high frequency cleaning and manual monitoring of your assets. We’re prepared to deploy SmartCover sensors at your sites as quickly as possible.

These “silent sentries” keep watch on your sewer 24/7/365, won’t get sick, and allow your already stretched crews take care of other pressing duties.

Resilience is nothing new to our industry — we’re in the business of monitoring the unseen.

Thanks to all of you out in the field who continue to do your jobs even when there’s turmoil.

See flyer for all the details >


  • 3 to 5 units for high risk, critical
  • locations requiring frequent spill monitoring
  • No fees for up to 6 months
  • Delivery after receipt of order
  • Processed like typical PO showing retail costs and $0 charge
  • Includes data analysis and reports
  • Real time notifications to your response team
  • Installation by approved service provider
  • Activation immediately upon installation
  • Full warranty during relief period