Renderings of OCSD’s New Net-Zero HQ in Fountain Valley Released

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

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“Honesty, Integrity and Respect” for Environment, Community

The new Orange County Sanitation District Headquarters Complex at Plant 1 is designed to illustrate OCSD’s core values of “honesty, integrity and respect for interactions between employees, the greater public and community.”

Working closely with OCSD, our HDR team developed a design solution that engages the public through educational experiences, prioritizes employee well-being and returns value for public investment, all while focusing on precedent-setting, but cost-conscious, sustainability goals.

Net Zero Design

With nearly every design feature contributing to improved green building performance, the overall design is practical, timeless, and thoughtful.

Hybrid mass timber construction combined with expressed steel-braced frames reduces the overall weight of the structure and allows for faster and safer on-site erection. It also provides a natural warmth to the interior of the building while reducing the overall carbon footprint of its construction. Other sustainable design features that target LEED and Net Zero Energy certification includes:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Low-impact development infrastructure
  • Sunshading and building orientation to maximize daylighting while reducing glare and solar heat gain
  • Biogas energy generation and photovoltaic panels for net zero energy use
  • 100% building heating provided from waste heat of the plant operations

A Community Destination

Ergonomic workplace environments offer flexibility for different work styles, opportunities for connection and collaboration, and seamless integration of technology. Public spaces capture ample natural light, while being sensitive to glare and heat gain and supporting a high level of activity with acoustic sensitivity.

To emphasize a welcoming posture towards the community, an immersive indoor/outdoor exhibit at the entrance of the space informs and inspires the wide variety of visitors coming to OCSD. Public tour touch points are thoughtfully integrated throughout the indoor/outdoor exhibit and the building interior.

A new pedestrian bridge spans from the Headquarters building over a heavy traffic road, to the inside of the secured perimeter of the treatment plant, providing safe access for employees, utilities, and visiting tour groups.

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