Open Call: Please Contribute Women in Water Profiles to Highlight CA Water Professionals

Profiles of CWEA members and non-members are welcome

In preparation for women’s history month in March and California Water Professionals Week in October we are collecting profiles of women who work in the California water sector.

We are asking CWEA members, agencies, PIOs and HR managers to help us gather great profiles of deserving CA water pros. We will accept and republish profiles and photos from any CA water or wastewater agency. Self written profiles are also welcome! We love stories about our members.

Reasons to participate: Let’s celebrate our outstanding CA water professionals. The sector needs about 6,000 new workers each year. We need to build the next gen pipeline for success. By sharing your story, you’ll help get more people (incl women in need of a career) interested in this rewarding profession.

We are still gathering #womeninwater profiles. Submitting a maximum of three profiles per agency or firm is good.

Profile questions

Typically 500-1,000 word profiles

  1. What is your role?
  2. What or who inspired you to work for water?
  3. What fuels your passion for your work?
  4. Does the water profession welcome and support women? What was your experience?
  5. Did you have a mentor, if so how did they help you in your career?
  6. What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Please Include

  • First and last name
  • Title
  • Tenure and certifications held
  • Name of agency

Photo suggestions for profiles

Please submit 3 image options. High quality images 500k-3mb jpeg files. Don’t have pro photographer? Your phone is fine!

  • Facing camera
  • Waist up
  • Standing or leaning
  • Subject or subject w/a co-worker or two
  • Water facility/equipment background
  • Hard hat and safety vest (if area requires)
  • Quality lighting
  • Horizontal (social media is all horizontal) and please allow extra space, we’ll crop
  • Please note: by submitting a profile the employee and agency grant permission to BAYWORK, CWEA and CA-NV AWWA to feature profiles on our websites and social media. Stories may remain posted permanently or until we are asked to take them down.


Please contact:

Megan Barillo
Communications Manager
510.382.7800 x141