Obituary of Peter Jay Laubenheimer, CWEA Member For 25 Years


CWEA member Peter Jay Laubenheimer passed away in Sacramento on December 18, 2018.

Pete joined Kennedy/Jenks in 1980 and established himself very rapidly as an in-house expert in hydraulics and wastewater treatment.

Throughout the ’80s, he worked on large wastewater treatment plant design projects under the Federal Clean Water Program at Carmel, Reno-Sparks and many others. In the ’90s, Pete led some of their largest and most complex wastewater and water treatment projects throughout the west, as either Project Engineer or Project Manager. In the 2000s, Pete took positions that could most benefit the continued strength and growth of Kennedy/Jenks, taking on staff management, quality control, mentoring, and authoring of technical guide documents that are still in use today.

When Pete retired in 2007, the San Francisco office held “Pete Laubenheimer Day,” to recognize his brilliance, leadership, and mentorship to younger engineers. Although Pete no longer went into the office after that, he still offered guidance and advice on projects until his full retirement in 2010.

Pete will be fondly remembered at Kennedy/Jenks for his patience and kindheartedness, even more than his formidable technical know-how.

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