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Rehabbing Aging Concrete Wastewater Infrastructure
2022 FOG Workshop | Long Beach
2022 P3S Conference June 21-23 | Long Beach
MWD Regional Recycled Water Program
2021-2022 CWEA Award Winners 
Communicating During an Emergency: LACSD Responds to January’s Sewer Spill
Clean Water magazine May 2022 – Women Impacting Water issue
Regulatory Landscape for PFAS in Biosolids and Effluent/Reuse
May 11: State Water Board to Host Water Efficiency Standards and Wastewater Impacts Workshop
2022 P3S Conference June 21-23 | Long Beach
CalRecycle Ready to Grant $19M for Food Waste Co-digestion Projects at WRRFs
OWEN Live Webinar: Headwork Rehabilitation & Upgrade
CWEA Board Officer Positions Open for Nominations
OWEN On Demand Class: Climate Change Vulnerability and Resilience
Introducing CWEA’s 2021-22 Award Winners
2021-22 CWEA Awards Ceremony Photo Gallery
Pandemic Shortages: Managing Iron Market Volatility – Live Webinar
AC22 Workshop: Pumps 101 facilitated by Michael Dunbar, Sac Sdewer
AC22 Closing Awards Ceremony Luncheon with WEF President Jaime Eichenberger
AC22 Session: Reducing I& I Through the Private Lateral
Wastewater 101 Webinar Series – Session 4, Disinfection and Reuse – On-Demand
SFBS Spring Virtual Career Fair, March 31st
CASA -CWEA Partnering for Impact event, April 11, Sacramento
Water Reuse & Advanced Water Treatment sessions at AC22
Wastewater 101 Webinar Series: Session 3: Liquids
Dr. David Jenkins April 12th Memorial Event
Dr. David Jenkins CWEA Obituary
2022 Annual Conference & Expo
Agency Deep Dive: Central San
Recycled Water From Concept to Reality
State Water Board to Host March 15th Workshop on Draft WDR
Wastewater 101 Webinar Series: Session 2: Solids
CWEA’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023
Workshop: School of Solids at City of Roseville’s WWTP
2022 Partnering for Impact, Sacramento
Wastewater 101 Webinar Series: Session 1: Introduction
AC22 Health and Safety