In Memoriam: Linda Losurdo

Brian Peck, Members in the News


A friendly face at the Registration Desk. That’s always been the right way to start the morning at a Santa Ana River Basin Section (SARBS) Professional Development Committee (PDC) seminar.  For over twenty years a smile, a kind word and a helpful direction to the day’s events were provided by Linda Losurdo. We all suffered a great loss when Linda passed away in January. A long-time employee of the Orange County Sanitation District (OC San) Linda was always a tremendous promoter of educational opportunities. And she helped to introduce a generation of volunteers to SARBS.  Current PDC Chair Nang Mwe recalled how Linda was always there to help:

“I first met Linda as a fellow volunteer when I joined SARBS PDC in 2009. I worked closely with her when I took over the treasurer position on SARBS Board in 2010 since Linda was responsible for the registration at many of SARBS events. Linda was detail-oriented and helpful which reduced my workload as the treasurer. And she never complained when we were short-handed at the event set-up, preparation, and registration. She will be missed dearly.”

And Linda was ubiquitous. She volunteered not only for the PDC but she could also usually be found helping out at the SARBS Awards Banquet and the CWEA Annual Conference. Linda also served several years as the editor of the SARBS Newsletter “The Clarifier.” She turned down every invitation to join the SARBS Board of Directors. Linda simply wanted to help; to be part of the team.

Rashi Gupta, Past Chair of the PDC offered the following remembrance:

“She understood the importance of training and continual education, so she made sure that her OC San colleagues were registered for events and maintained their certifications. She beamed with pride when “her guys” were honored for their achievements. From my conversations with her, she really loved being part of the OC San family, and that love was reciprocated tenfold. I know she will be dearly missed by everyone with whom she worked. And I will miss her. I will miss seeing her at the registration table for our live training events, carefully making sure everyone was properly checked in and provided all the materials they would need for the day. I will miss talking to her during our downtimes, sharing book recommendations and the stories about the latest cat she had found and rescued at the plant. I will miss seeing her at the plant during site visits – she would make any day better with her genuine smiles, hugs, and joy at running into one another. She touched so many lives. I’m thankful mine was one of them. Godspeed Linda.”

Rashi noted the love that Linda felt regarding her OC San family. These feelings were reciprocated as noted by OC San staff:

“Both at work and in her personal life Linda was someone who helped people. At work Linda was someone who was conscientious, driven, caring, organized, thoughtful, consistent, and treated others like they were family. Linda worked at OC San for 30 years, supporting the operations team as an Administrative Assistant. Linda worked diligently to keep our records up-to-date, process billings, helped meet our compliance related assignments, ordering departmental supply’s, and many other tasks throughout her career-and she did it all with a smile. Linda really loved what she did, and it showed in her work. Linda had a great personality and over the years here at work she acquired the nickname of “Mom.” She took care of the team as if we were her own “children,” helping to arrange events, attend to special request all with a helping heart. Linda had a “glass half full” perspective bringing an uplifting outlook to work every day. Linda brought these same attributes to her personal life volunteering and helping those in need including her furry friends. Linda had a caring heart for animals. She selflessly invested in their wellbeing and adopted many stray cats giving them a loving home. We are very fortunate having had Linda in our lives, she was an incredible person, she helped shape OC San’s culture for 30 years, we will deeply miss her.”

Linda clearly touched many lives. In parting we will always remember Linda at PDC programs at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Morning registration for the seminar has concluded. Everyone has taken their seat bolstered by a cup of coffee as the speakers launch into their presentations. Linda can now sit back at the Registration Table and open her latest book. Her moment of rest has been well earned.