Hyperion Ramps-up Production of LASANitizer to Protect Team Members

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City if LA’s main environmental laboratory has ramped-up production of hand sanitizer to help their fellow team members on the front lines during the pandemic.


To make 10 L of hand sanitizer, mix the following according to instructions below:

500 mL         100% Glycerin
8420 mL       95% Ethanol (EtOH)
1040 mL       Deionized water
40 mL           30% Hydrogen Peroxide
10,000 mL (10L)


  1. Using a 500 mL graduated cylinder, measure 500 mL of glycerin and empty into the 10 L mixing carboy.

500 mL         x 100% = 5% glycerin

10000 mL

  1. Using the 2000 mL cylinder, measure and pour 8420 mL of EtOH into the mixing carboy, that is (2000 mL x 4) + 420 mL, mixing between additions.

8420 mL       x 95% = 80% Ethanol

10000 mL

  1. Cap and shake well until completely homogenized.
  2. Add 1040 mL deionized water into the mixing carboy. Use the cylinder marked DI for this. Mix well again.
  3. Add 40 mL of the hydrogen peroxide (30%) into the container, swirl to mix.

40 mL         x 30% = 0.12% Hydrogen Peroxide
10000 mL

  1. Add 10-15 mL of tea tree or other essential oil for fragrance. Mix.
  2. Pour the mixed 10 L into the dispenser carboy with the spigot to dispense into smaller bottles.

Recipe contributed by
Leslie Sidio, Lab Manager ll, LA City Sanitation & Environment

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