Hot Topics: PFAS Info and Discussions at CWEA Events


CWEA is tracking the challenges associated with PFAS, a family of chemicals that are compounds of emerging concern.

Join us for an upcoming webinar or conference to build your understanding of the challenges, hear from experts and add your voice.

From the State Water Board’s PFAS info website…
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large group of human-made substances that do not occur naturally in the environment and are resistant to heat, water, and oil. PFAS have been used extensively in surface coating and protectant formulations due to their unique ability to reduce the surface tension of liquids. Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are two types of PFAS that are no longer manufactured or imported into the United States; however, there could be some imported goods containing trace amounts of these substances.

CWEA Webinar

Wednesday, January 22nd

PFAS Primer for Clean Water Professionals
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Hosted by Simon Kobyashi, Chair Students and Young Professionals Committee

Chemicals called PFAS have been in the headlines lately: These emerging contaminants are the focus of a major Hollywood movie, a Congressional task force, and considerable public concern.

Sometimes called “forever chemicals” because of their extreme persistence, PFAS enter wastewater from industrial sources and consumer products and are poorly removed by traditional treatment trains. As a result, they are present in treatment plant effluent and biosolids.

Presenter: Dr. Tom Bruton, Senior Scientist, Green Science Policy Institute

P3S Conference

Monday, January 27th to Wednesday, January 29th
Hilton Long Beach
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PFAS Unmasked
Facilitated by Lori Mckinley, OCSD

  • PFAS Sampling and Analysis for Environmental Matrices, Syljohn Estil, LACSD
  • PFAS in Biosolids and Effluent: Assessing and Managing Risk, Kevin Long, Terraphase Engineering
  • PFAS Update From the Biosolids Industry, Layne Baroldi, Synagro Technologies
  • State Water Board PFAS Actions, Annalisa Kihara, SWRCB
  • PFAS Legal Issues, Nancy Wilms, Edgcomb Law Group
  • PFAS Public Messaging, Rebecca Long, OCSD

SCAP Pretreatment Management Track
Facilitated by Steve Jepsen

  • POTW Current Events Round Table – PFAS, Cannabis and…
    Steve Jepsen, SCAP

AC20 Conference

Tuesday March 31st to Friday, April 3rd
Reno Convention Center
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PFAS Summit
Facilitated by Lori Mckinley, OCSD

  • PFAS: What It is, What It Comes From, Where It’s Found and It’s Dangers
  • PFAS and the Lab
  • PFAS in Biosolids
  • PFAS Panel Discussion
  • PFAS Treatment Technologies
  • Status of Regulations

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