DKF Partners with Industry Experts to Develop New Reference Guide for Collection System Operators

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DKF Solutions Group has announced the upcoming release of a new reference guide for wastewater collection workers titled “Notes from the Field: Practical Tips and Best Practices for Collection System Operators.”

The book was written in collaboration with leading industry experts Andy Morrison, Lenny Rather, and Sam Rose.

Wastewater Collection System Operators often become frustrated at the lack of educational resources and reference manuals that would otherwise aid in their professional development and enhance their ability to perform their jobs.

Bridging the Gap

DKF Solutions Group recognized the need for a high-quality resource that would be a valuable asset to the upcoming generation of the wastewater collection workforce.

Most beginners come into this job without any prior experience, and many of the seasoned operators in this industry are expected to retire soon. Notes from the Field aims to bridge that gap and ensure that the knowledge and skills are passed on to new employees.

This one-of-a-kind project provides operators with a broad overview of all aspects of collection system operations and maintenance. It includes enough detail to provide new operators with the information needed to become a proficient operator and valuable employee.

The co-authors of Notes from the Field have considered lessons learned over their lengthy careers and have packaged up their experiences into the new book.

Learning from the Best

Morrison, Rather, and Rose have a combined 140 years of experience at multi-award-winning agencies performing preventive maintenance, responding to overflows and running a system. Their first-hand knowledge is what brings credibility to Notes from the Field.

“We have put in the time and gained the experience,” says Morrison. “We have taken our lumps, we have learned new ways of doing, and we have shared our experiences and have learned from others as well. Much of this is captured in the book.”

Rose adds, “Learning what has been captured in Notes from the Field will help new operators gain insight, will shorten their learning curve and help them become a better, well-rounded collection system worker – sooner. It is not a substitute for experience, but it will enhance your learning and help you be successful and have a rewarding career.”

Notes from the Field was written for new and journey-level Collection System Operators wishing to grow in their careers. But even the more seasoned collection system worker will benefit from this guide.

Those who have only worked for one agency have probably learned one way of doing things. Notes from the Field provides a fresh perspective. Specifically, it will show you how three of the best collection systems in California operate.

Furthermore, the authors all have first-hand experience doing the actual work, and throughout their careers have ascended through the ranks to the position of Collection System Manager.

Each section addresses a different aspect of collection system maintenance and operations.

Some of the topics include how to interact with the public, strategies for dealing with various types of blockages, and how to respond to sanitary sewer overflows. Visit the DKF Solutions Group website for a full list of topics and a detailed description of the book.

Book Release Date

Notes from the Field is scheduled to be published in July. Preorders are being accepted until June 30, 2020 at a discounted price.

Preorders can be made at

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