CWEA Welcomes Director of Member Services, Anabel Martinez


Anabel Martinez, CWEA Director of Member Services

CWEA is pleased to announce Anabel Martinez as the new Director of Member Services. Anabel brings 15 years of experience in nonprofit membership and association management to her new role here at CWEA. Throughout her career, Anabel has managed both corporate and individual memberships, and has excelled in creating and implementing effective membership retention and renewal strategies for the high-tech industry.

Anabel is a highly qualified leader with an MBA and PMP certification, demonstrating her commitment to excellence and giving her a strong foundation in both business management and project management.

Anabel is enthusiastic about working with such a diverse group of CWEA members and is eager to leverage her skills and experience to support the growth and success of the association. Her dedication and commitment to serving CWEA members are evident in the innovative ideas and strategies she brings to the table. Anabel’s passion for her work and her ability to build relationships with members make her an invaluable asset to CWEA.