CWEA Member Richard Pallante Appointed as General Manager

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Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency, General Manager, Richard Pallante

Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency (T-TSA) announced the appointment of General Manager, Richard Pallante, effective December 1, 2022. Richard began his career in public service at City of San Bernadino, CA in 1988 as a Maintenance Plumber, and later transferred at the City of San Bernadino Water Department as a Wastewater Maintenance Mechanic, before being promoted to Lead Wastewater Maintenance Mechanic. In 2003, he accepted employment at the City of Riverside as a Senior Mechanic, later promoting to Mechanical Supervisor. He served a short time at Victor Valley Water Reclamation Authority as a Maintenance Supervisor, before returning to City of Riverside as an Operations Manager, where he oversaw Operations and Environmental Compliance. While at City of Riverside, he served as interim Plant Manager on two occasions. He played a major role in the $200 million plant expansion and upgrade.

He was hired by T-TSA in April 2018, and immediately stood out as a manager possessing excellent people skills that understood the importance of equality, fairness, and acceptance within the workplace.

Richard was appointed interim General Manager at T-TSA in June 2022. An ad hoc committee was established in July 2022 to consider the recruitment process for a future General Manager. After much thought and consideration, as well as direct-report feedback, the Board of Directors appointed Richard as the permanent General Manager at its November 30, 2022 Board of Directors meeting.

At a recent employee staff meeting, Richard shared his vision and goals for T-TSA moving forward, some of which include: ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, promoting a safe work environment, fostering a collaborative work environment, developing future leaders within the organization, developing short (3-5 yr) and long (5+ yr) term strategic plans, fiscal responsibility to ratepayers, reestablishing the Agency in the community, and establishing the Agency in the wastewater community.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys automotive mechanical work and construction/remodel work.