CWEA Member and FIRST Alum cleans up in Wastewater Business

Career Success

CWEA Member Matt Kallerud

This season’s FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. and FIRST® LEGO® League Challenges focused on problems within the human water cycle, or the way people find, transport, use, or dispose of water.  

CWEA member Matt Kallerud is extremely familiar with this year’s FIRST® LEGO®League Jr. and FIRST® LEGO® League themes – as a civil/environmental engineer, he designs water and wastewater treatment plants.

Matt was inspired to pursue a career in engineering after participating on his high school’s FIRST® Robotics Competition Team (Team 1714 MORE Robotics from Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA). After high school, Matt went on to graduate from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of California Davis. Now, Matt is a civil/environmental engineer at Carollo Engineers, where he designs water and wastewater treatment plants.

Read Matt’s interview here.