CWEA Launches Member Get a Member Campaign


Membership Has Its Rewards:
One Recruiter Will Receive a $500 Gift Card

Over the course of your career, you’ve experienced first-hand the value of CWEA membership. During the 2020 CWEA Member Get a Member Campaign, encouraging your friends and colleagues to elevate their professional potential via CWEA membership allows us to further reward you – one recruiter will receive a $500 Amazon gift card for their efforts, and every new member you refer increases your chances of being selected!

There is no better advocate for CWEA membership than you. By recruiting new members, you help strengthen our organization and our entire extended family of wastewater professionals.

The 2020 Member Get a Member Campaign runs through November 1, 2020. Each member you refer increases your chances to receive the $500 Amazon gift card reward.

Tips for Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members is about sharing your membership experience with others.

Here are some suggestions to help you reach out to potential members and encourage them to join CWEA:

  • Share your copy of Clean Water with colleagues to show them what they will receive in each issue as a member.
  • Publish an article in your facility or agency newsletter about why you belong to CWEA.
  • When new employees begin work with your organization, tell them how CWEA can help them succeed in their new role.
  • Share the benefits of CWEA membership.
  • Forward CWEA emails to your colleagues to let them know how much value and support they will receive as a member.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend the Annual Conference or a local CWEA event with you.
  • Give a gift of CWEA membership to your staff or colleague.
  • Encourage colleagues to become certified with CWEA and share the professional advancement afforded by certification, as well as the discounts for members on continuing education and exam/renewal fees.

How it Works

  1. Encourage new members to sign-up online at or using the membership form (pdf)
  2. Make sure to tell them to include your full name in the “Member referred by” field
  3. Each qualified new member will increase the recruiter’s chances for reward selection; no maximum limit on the number of members referred.
  4. The recipient of the $500 Amazon gift card will be randomly selected from referring members during the campaign period.
  5. Member Get a Member Campaign ends on November 1, 2020.
  6. Membership campaign reward of $500 Amazon gift card will be issued to one recruiter in late November.

Membership links

  1. Join on
  2. Download the membership application (pdf)

IMPORTANT: Be sure new members you recruit put your first and last name in the “Member referred by” box

Campaign Guidelines

  • You’re a current CWEA member and are in one of these membership categories:
    • CWEA
    • CWEA-WEF
    • Young Professionals
    • Professional Wastewater Operator (PWO)
    • Retiree
    • Life member
  • Your friend chooses one of these membership categories:
    • CWEA
    • CWEA-WEF
    • Young Professionals
    • PWO
    • Retiree
  • Note: student membership category is excluded from this promotion
  • A members name must be listed as the referral and is eligible. A person’s name is required. Organization, schools and company names are not accepted as a referral.
  • The new member must list your first and last name clearly on the pdf form or enter it during the digital sign-up process
  • CWEA and WEF membership renewals are excluded from this competition
  • No limit on the number of members recruited and number of entries
  • CWEA reserves the right to add additional competition instructions at any time
  • CWEA staff and vendors are not eligible for this promotion