CWEA ECI Grade 2 – New Materials Available!

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The ECI 2 Exam Blueprint Suggested References is now available! This is a new certification publication that is intended to help Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade 2 exam candidates better understand the test content and help trainers better understand the job role being tested.

Also available is the new Technical Certification Program Candidate Handbook, which contains an overview of the certification program’s policies and procedures. Together, these documents contain information that will help candidates be successful on their Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade 2 exam.

They are available to download free at

It’s important to know that the exam is not changing; the exam content outline and knowledge, skills, and abilities tested are still the same. The Exam Blueprint offers more description of the exam content outline and updated suggested references.

We appreciate the hard work of the volunteer ECI Subject Matter Experts who review the exams (most recently in 2016) and who are working on the Exam Blueprint & Suggested References. If you have any questions, please contact Certification Project Manager Lydia Guerra at l[email protected]. You can find out more about CWEA’s certification program in general at

Thank you!