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CWEA Community Gears Up to Go Live

By Annabel Martinez, CWEA Director of Member Services, Announcements

Anabel Martinez, Director of Member Services

The CWEA Community is now live. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we can’t wait to see how you use this space.

Building the CWEA community brings a myriad of advantages that will enhance your CWEA member benefits:

First, it serves as a centralized hub where members can engage directly with each other, fostering collaboration and connection. Whether you’re a long-term member or a newcomer, this Community will be the go-to place for meaningful interactions.

Second, committees and working groups will now have a streamlined space to pursue their goals efficiently and archive important resources in one place.

The Community also plays a crucial role in recruiting new members, ensuring that we stay aligned with the CWEA mission.

It also functions as a one-stop shop for tackling day-to-day challenges in your field.

Need answers? Look no further – our community is designed to be a valuable resource for overcoming professional hurdles.

Download the community how-to guide >

Log-on to the CWEA Community

Use your CWEA member log-in.

Local Sections

Are you a new member eager to connect with others in your local section? We’ve got you covered! Local section groups will provide the perfect avenue to meet like-minded individuals in your area. Interested in volunteering for an upcoming event but unsure where to start? Fear not. Our community will feature specific groups tailored for such purposes, making it easy for you to find the right contacts and get involved.

Our goal is to make your CWEA experience interactive, resourceful, and tailored to your needs. Drop a comment in the Community and let us know how it’s going.