Collection Systems Committee Recruiting Trainers for New Cert Prep Courses

By Travis Fisher, CSC Vice Chair, CWEA Certifications

The CWEA Collection Systems Committee is working on multiple strategies to increase the amount of training across California. We have heard clearly from members it’s important to help the next generation of professionals succeed.

CWEA proudly offers voluntary certification programs for wastewater professionals. Each program includes increasingly advanced Grade options that demonstrate mastery of new skills to help members unlock new opportunities and promotions.

To accomplish our goals, we are launching a new program to provide certification preparation training. We need you!

CWEA seeks subject matter expert (SME) trainers to present content for the Collection System Maintenance (CSM) certification exams for Grades 1, 2 and 3. You can choose the grade level and topic you are most familiar with so the amount of content is easy to manage.


The deadline to volunteer is Friday, December 2nd.

Time Commitment Estimates

The time commitment is estimated at 10-20 hours total. That includes:

  • Familiarizing yourself with your assigned grade, domain, and subdomain
  • Reading resource material and references for assigned grade, domain and subdomain
  • Building upon Powerpoint (PPT) templates provided for development of content
  • Providing thoughtful delivery of content for assigned grade – to be pre-recorded in-person or virtually
  • Being available for live virtual “ask me anything” sessions for certificate applicants
  • Meeting deadlines for PPT finalization and recording timelines
  • No travel is required, all materials will be prepared on CWEA’s OWEN virtual training platform


Eligibility requirements

  • Holding a CSM certification Grades 2-4 and at or above the grade level of the class
  • CSM professionals who have proven competency in the field and understand industry standards
  • Ability to explain sample test answers
  • Meet CWEA’s Code of Ethics and abide by the values and standards of conduct for certification
  • Ability to record your presentation clearly and distinctly

Please note: Technical Certification Program members who developed content for the CSM exam are not eligible to conduct training.

Trainers will be recognized in printed materials related to the CSM certification program; listed on the website as a subject matter expert; and receive a letter of recommendation from CWEA’s President and CEO to share with your employer.



CWEA Collection Systems Committee Vice Chair
Ojai Valley Sanitary District

Have questions about the program?

Please contact Nick Bailey, CWEA Online Education Manager