CASA Seeks Help with Pending California Wipes Legislation


California – we love you, but this has got to stop.

A letter to CWEA members from CWEA’s President Collection Systems Committee Chair…

Dear CWEA members,

CASA is urgently seeking help from water professionals and agencies for wipes legislation they are supporting. We want to pass along their request on this important issue.

CASA is sponsoring AB 1672 (Bloom). The bill would require proper labeling for wipes products. If the wipe does not meet certain performance standards, then they cannot say it is flushable.

CASA needs your help to gather more support for the legislation and gather more data about the impact of wipes on our profession.

Download wipes info and outreach materials
Share on Social Media 

Central San developed an unbranded video that sister agencies can use on their own social media accounts and websites to increase customer awareness of the Wipes Clog Pipes issue.

It features a person doing odd and ridiculous things, just as silly as flushing wipes and clogging pipes. Please like/share Central San’s video on Facebook or Twitter.

Use the hashtag #WipesClogPipes and post your own photos of wipes issues.

If your agency would like the 1-minute or 30-second original video files, please contact Alec Mackie at [email protected].

Send CASA Data on Wipes

If you have reports, stories, photos or estimates of the costs associated with clearing wipes from sewers, pump stations or treatment plants, please pass them along to CASA’s analyst, Jared Voskuhl at [email protected]. CASA wants to share stories with legislators and the public.

Time to show Californians the reasons wipes don’t belong in sewer pipes. Please share this message with others. Now is our chance.


Kevin Calderwood

CWEA President 2019-20

Jennifer Rojas

Chair, Collection Systems Committee
Long Beach Water