Nigel stands in front of his new mural painted inside CWEA’s new office in Oakland.

Artist Nigel Sussman Collaborates with CWEA on New Mural About Wastewater Treatment

"The colors are CWEA's brand colors, and there are personal touches, like Oakland landmarks, and the office dogs."
By Stephen Yang, CWEA, Announcements

With many changes coming to CWEA, one of the biggest was our move to a new office space within our Oakland building. We decided to brighten up the office by having the wonderfully talented illustrator and muralist Nigel Sussman create a mural for CWEA.

For those unfamiliar with Nigel’s work, he’s created art for many different businesses and organizations such as Google, eBay, and Adidas. You can also find some of his other creations across the Bay Area in places like Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

According to Nigel, his style of art is influenced by artists like Martin Hanford, the creator of the Where’s Waldo books, MC Escher, and the original SimCity games. The combination of hand-drawn isometric line-art with a simple color palette, and his lighthearted sense of humor creates a bright and vibrant piece of art.

With so many details added to his pieces, it is no wonder people are drawn into his murals.

When asked about his process, Nigel told us,

“This mural for CWEA depicts an artistically-interpreted diagram of the wastewater process done in a bright, bold, and fun, isometric style. The colors are the CWEA brand colors, and there are personal touches, like Oakland landmarks, and office dogs.”

Within CWEA’s new mural, Nigel added various aspects of the treatment process, including:

  • Collection systems
  • Primary clarifiers
  • Aeration basins
  • Chlorine contact chamber
  • UV disinfection
  • Final clarifier
  • Title 22 recycled water
  • Effluent outfall into the Bay
  • Recycling biosolids with farmland application

Nigel also drew some fun Easter eggs hidden in the mural such as: the Oakland Tribune building; dolphins and otters in the Bay; and a BART station. Nigel even hid small illustrations of Executive Director/CEO Jenn Jones’ beloved dogs Gamble and Coola.

Learn more about Nigel’s artwork at

Thank you Nigel for helping us bring life into the office with this mural! We look forward to members seeing it in person.


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