CA-NV AWWA and CWEA Sign Agreement to Work Together on the Future of Operator Certification

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Leaders from (l-r) WEF, State Water Board, CA-NV AWWA and CWEA joined together at AC18 in Sacramento to announce the AWT Operator Certification program.

The California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association (CA-NV AWWA) and California Water Environment Association (CWEA) have signed a memorandum of agreement to jointly develop the Advanced Water Treatment Operator (AWTO) Certification program.

The certification exams are expected to be ready in the Spring of 2019. The certification will be open to all California and Nevada Grade 3 or higher drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment operators.

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During AC18 in Sacramento, representatives from CA-NV AWWA, CWEA, WEF and the State Water Board raised a glass of tap water and toasted to the spirit of partnership and a bright future for our profession.

The partnership is an example of water professionals working together for One Water. For the first time in decades, CA-NV AWWA and CWEA are working together on a new program. Both associations have over 80 years of experience developing and managing professional certifications.

A few reasons AWT Operator Certification is important:

  • 70% of water and wastewater professionals support creating AWT operator certification, according to a 2016 WateReuse study
  • Builds public trust in direct and indirect potable water reuse and water professionals
  • Ensures operators will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate permitted AWT facilities and protect public health at all times
  • Provides opportunity for operators to boost their experience, reputation and employment options
  • Improves AWT operator training and knowledge exchange
  • Required AWT operator staffing levels will likely be written into permits for some reuse and other AWT facilities

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Joint CA-NV AWWA and CWEA AWT Operator Certification Committee.