Sam Rose

First Place
 Sacramento Area Section

Sam Rose has dedicated his career to the collection system industry. He has worked 36 years (his entire career) at the South Placer Municipal Utility District and currently serves as the District’s Superintendent. Sam devoted much of his involvement with CWEA to promoting the technical expertise and professionalism of collection system maintenance operators by providing dozens of training sessions. He served as CWEA’s Technical Certification Program Chair and has actively volunteered on CWEA’s Collection System Committee at the state and local section levels. Sam has also been an active member of the California Alliance for Sewer System Excellence (CASSE) since its inception.


This committee-specific society recognizes and honors individually, both the inductees and their employers for their combined contributions which promote increased professionalism in the collection systems field. The society was formed in April 1994 with the formal inductions of all past CWEA Collection Systems Committee Chairpersons, all past recipients of the Richard D. Pomeroy Award, and other significant contributors.

Up to five (5) inductees may be inducted each year into this Society. Induction will be decided by a minimum of three (3) members of the Society.

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