Ron Marincic

First Place
 Redwood Empire Section

Ron Marincic
Utility System Superintendent & LRO
City of Santa Rosa Ca.

I currently possess a Grade V Water Distribution Certificate issued by the State of California Water Resources Control Board, a Grade II Water Treatment Certificate issued by the State of California Water Resources Control Board and a Grade IV Collection System Certificate issued by the California Water Environment Association.

Manage for Success: Effective Utility Leadership Practices. CSU, Sac 2014
Local Leaders Academy of Sonoma County. 2014

Utility Management Certification. NRWA 2015
“The Utility Management Certification Program is designed to enhance the financial, managerial and operational effectiveness of drinking water and wastewater systems across the country and to create a national designation for qualified, utility managers.”

Basic Management and Supervisory Leadership Training Program. Public Utilities & Waterworks Management Institute. 2015

2017 CWEA- Large Collection System of the Year


The CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program recognizes water professionals for their commitment to improving the quality of life and the protection of the environment. CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program honorees have dedicated their careers in a challenging and most vital profession, the water environment field. These essential professionals who have spent countless hours improving our water environment include: Operators; Collection System, Maintenance, Laboratory, and Environmental Compliance personnel; Engineers; and Administrators.

CWEA Quarter Century honorees will be presented with a certificate recognizing their achievement and a lapel pin they can proudly wear identifying them as members of this elite group of professionals.

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