Louis Solana

First Place
 San Francisco Bay Section

Louis Solana currently holds the position of Ironhouse Sanitary District’s (ISD) Collection and Maintenance Superintendent. Mr. Solana began his employment with ISD in July of 2003 as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) operator.

Mr. Solana’s extensive knowledge of how the sewer collection systems works, his can-do attitude, and his supervisory skills demonstrate that he is an excellent choice for the CWEA’s “Supervisor of the Year” award.

He provides clear direction and specific objectives to staff. He delegates responsibility but isn’t afraid to go out and do the job himself when necessary. Mr. Solana maintains open communication with his staff to ensure tasks are executed safely and in compliance with regulations.

He is dedicated to safety and able to handle the pressures of keeping our environment safe and healthy. He is well respected by the staff at Ironhouse Sanitary District as well as the Board of Directors.


The Supervisor of the Year award recognizes successful mentoring of team members, professional development, and effective communication. CWEA’s Leadership Development Committee selects the winner.

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