City of Carson and Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts – Carriage Crest Stormwater Capture Project

First Place
 Los Angeles Basin Section

The Carriage Crest Stormwater Capture Project utilizes an innovative stormwater capture and diversion facility that was funded through a Cooperative Implementation Agreement between the City of Carson and CalTrans with additional funding from LA County Public Works.

The project innovatively integrates stormwater and wastewater systems, taking advantage of off-peak capacity in existing wastewater infrastructure. A sophisticated control system will maximize the diversion of water while minimizing risk of a sanitary sewer overflow. This control system allowed the facility’s storage tank to be significantly reduced, which saved over $13 million in construction costs. Another project benefit is that the captured stormwater will provide more water to the JWPCP that can be recycled and used to augment our local water supply in the future.

Our hope is that this multi-benefit project will serve as a roadmap to other jurisdictions seeking cost-effective ways to comply with MS4 permits and improve regional water quality.


The Engineering Achievement award recognizes outstanding projects by an individual, group, or agency.

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