Leon Laucirica

First Place
 San Francisco Bay Section

Leon Laucirica began his career at Ironhouse Sanitary District at the age of 19. In his 15-year career with the District, he has taken advantage of the opportunities available to expand his knowledge of wastewater collections, fabrication/welding, underground construction, and electrical work. Laucirica is driven to be successful, and as a journey-level employee, he has become a mentor to the District’s new hires.
When not working on regular sewer collection maintenance and upgrading outdated electrical components, Laucirica works on evaluating the condition of the District’s pumps, wet-wells, plumbing, and all other components associated with the District’s lift-stations.
“Leon’s ability to assess infrastructure and prioritize preventative maintenance prior to reactive or corrective maintenance is a great value to the District,” said Louis Solana, Ironhouse Sanitary District Collection Superintendent.


Collection System Person of the Year recognizes an individual for their innovation and excellence in collection systems maintenance.

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