Brian Bruemmer

First Place
 Santa Clara Valley Section

Brian is a CWEA Grade IV Mechanical Technologist and has been with Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) for 12 years. Brian supports the treatment plant and four pump stations. He is an excellent pipe fitter, welder and fabricator as well as a tremendous troubleshooter. With this skill, Brian has taken on the additional responsibility to fabricate, troubleshoot and repair, equipment and thus has saved thousands of dollars and important time because of these skills. Brian is well respected amongst his peers throughout all departments as well as management at SVCW.
Just a few of the systems Brian has excelled at maintaining as well as training his fellow mechanics and operators are; Rotary Drum Thickener, Gravity Belt Thickener, Digester Recirculation and Mixing systems, Ferric pumping and dosing systems, Influent and Effluent pumping systems to name just a few that Brian excels at.


The Mechanical Technician Person of the Year Award recognizes outstanding performance, dedication to the job, and for sharing knowledge of maintenance procedures.

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