Alice Wang

First Place

Alice Wang and HDR have been a part of CWEA and SARBS chapter for quite some time. Alice has been with HDR since 2017 and CWEA in various roles and capacities. She began volunteering and participating with SARBS during the Covid period where CWEA and SARBS were deeply involved in asssiting our members with resources and outreach during that challenging time . Since then, Alice has not only participated and volunteered her time , support and talents as a Director on our SARBS board of directors, but she has continually taken on even more responsibilities and roles on the SARBS Board. She has been appointed numerous including being appointed to Social Media Manager , Secretary and now Our Communications Director role. She has been a key component with our SYP Committee and worked tirelessly to ensure our Collections trainings, and all our CWEA webinars and events were completed through Eventbright and online platforms.