AC20 Preview: Engineering and Research Sessions and Events


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Just a few sample workshops, sessions and events related to wastewater engineering and research topics.

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Build Your Own Asset Management Program (FEE)
Facilitator: Michael Zacharia, West Yost Associates

Instrumentation and Electrical Drawings 101: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Basic Instrumentation, P&ID and Motor
Controls Drawings for Wastewater Pumping and Treatment (FEE)
Facilitator: Linda Leong

Introduction to Advanced Water Treatment (FEE)
Facilitator: John Rowe, Office of Water Programs at Sac State

Nutrient Removal Process Troubleshooting from Start-Up through Asset Life (FEE)
Facilitator: Scott Joslyn, HDR

JOINT FORUM > 2020 Partnering for Impact: California and Nevada
(co-located/separately hosted)
Hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno, Water Innovations Institute
With support from CWEA, CASA, NWEA and ReNUWIt. Sponsored by SUEZ.
Don’t miss this huge event that brings together elected officials, regulators, top utility executives, project managers and technology providers to discuss how we can move technology and innovation forward in California and Nevada. Learn more >
Be sure to join the follow-up Partnering for Impact Brainstorming lunch on Wednesday at AC20.

Bowling Tournament
First-Time Attendee Orientation
NWEA & CWEA Icebreaker Networking Reception


POPULAR EVENT > CWEA and NWEA Women Impacting Water Breakfast (FEE)

NWEA & CWEA Opening General Session: This is Why: Inspiring Water’s Next Generation

A few sample sessions:
Regulations Under Senate Bill 1383 & POTW Co-Digestion Capacity
Speaker: Sarah Deslauriers, Carollo Engineers

Food Waste Co-digestion Project Regulatory Challenges & Benefits
Speaker: Ganesh Rajagopalan, Kennedy Jenks Consultants

DON’T MISS IT > Engineering & Research Lunch: Operation and Management Practices at Central San with Jean-Marc Petit, P.E. (FEE)
Host: Zaheer Shaikh, Lee & Ro, Engineering & Research Committee

NEW > Partnering for Impact Brainstorming Lunch (FEE)
Host: Kathryn Gies, West Yost, CWEA Board of Directors

Tour: Reno-Stead WRF/University Of Nevada, Reno IPR Feasibility Study (FEE)

FREE Exhibit Hall and Reception
You Don’t Know Pooh! – Win prizes!
Sewer Scavenger Hunt – Journey of a Thousand Pipes – win prizes!

NEW > Chemical Feed Systems Mobile Technology Tour (FEE)

Students & Young Professionals NWEA & CWEA Networking Mixery (FEE)


Tour: Marble Bluff Fish Passage Facility (FEE)

A few sample sessions:
State of the Art Screenings Facility for San Mateo’s WWTP
Speaker: Jenny Skrel, HDR

Tailoring Nitrogen Removal Upgrades to Address Limitations
Speaker: Seppi Henneman, Brown and Caldwell

Moving & Removing Grit at SFPUC’s New 250 MGD Headworks
Speaker: Teri Raasch, Carollo Engineers / SFPUC

Biological Nutrient Removal Planning Using Process Simulation
Speaker: Ron Appleton, Carollo Engineers

Sustainable Solution for Grit Management Solves Plant Maintenance Challenges
Speaker: Patrick Herrick, Hydro International

Performance Evaluation of Compressible Media Filtration
Speaker: Onder Caliskaner, Kennedy Jenks Consultants

Upgrading a Conventional Activated Sludge Process to BNR Within Existing Tankage
Speaker: Seppi Henneman, Brown and Caldwell

Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors: Full-Scale Implementation & Illustrative Pilots
Speaker: Amit Kaldate, Suez

Nutrient Removal Intensification Using MABRs: Pilot Study at Hayward WPCF
Speaker: Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, Black & Veatch

NEW > Brewery Resource Recovery Lunch (FEE)

Advancements and Considerations for Flow: Through Aerobic Granular Sludge Processes
Speaker: John Fraser, Carollo Engineers Inc.

Benefits of Converting Conventional Activated Sludge System to Granular Activated Sludge
Speaker: Mark Harris, City of Pacifica Calera Creek WRP

NEW > Pumps Exhibit Hall Mobile Technology Tour (FEE)

FREE Exhibit Hall and Reception
You Don’t Know Pooh! – Win prizes!
Sewer Scavenger Hunt – Journey of a Thousand Pipes – win prizes!


Tour: SoL Cannabis Technical (FEE)

Biosolids Management for Small Agencies Case Study: Existing Assets, Collaboration and the Future
Speaker: Mary Martis, HDR

High Flying Recycled Water
Speaker: Phil Scott, West Bay Sanitary District

Could Decentralized DPR Be the Future? Key Findings from PureWaterSF
Speaker: Brynne Weeks, Carollo Engineers

What’s in Store for Fresno’s Biosolids
Speaker: John Witter, PE, Carollo Engineers

Lessons Learned Rehabilitating a 105″ Sewer Interceptor
Speaker: Kingsley Kuang, East Bay Municipal Utility District

CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE Closing Ceremony and Awards Luncheon

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