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CWEA's Strategic Plan

What is a strategic plan, you might be asking? A strategic plan identifies what we are not doing today, but must do in the future to be successful. It is different from our annual program of work, which details the initiatives, programs, and activities we currently undertake to serve our members. Our strategic plan provides a context for us to make decisions about the work that we do and the plans we lay down today. It reflects an ongoing process of planning and thinking about how the world should be different as a result of what we do as an organization. The Board will use this plan to develop and consider what to include in our annual work. 

The development of our strategic plan has been a team effort, with all segments of CWEA leadership – from local sections and committees to Past Presidents to professors to Board members participating in its development. Without all of the parts of CWEA’s leadership, the Strategic Plan would not have made it this far. So, thank you for being an active and engaged participant in shaping our future.

Strategy Map
The Strategy Map (shown in the Strategy Packet) shows how our resources and work line up to meet our strategic outcomes and to fulfill our mission by highlighting cause-and-effect linkages. We’ve developed a companion Metrics Dashboard to show the data and details used to measure our progress. The Dashboard shows a quarterly snapshot of CWEA’s event attendance, certificate holders and applicants, membership numbers, financial performance and communications results.

Strategy Packet

Strategy Map Metrics Dashboards

First Quarter FY14-15
Second Quarter FY14-15
Third Quarter FY14-15
Year End FY 14-15
First Quarter FY 15-16
Second Quarter FY 15-16
Third Quarter FY 15-16
May 2016

June 2016

January 2017

March 2017

May 2017

June 2017

September 2017




Fourth Quarter FY13-14
Third Quarter FY13-14
Second Quarter FY13-14
First Quarter FY13-14
Year End of FY12-13
Third Quarter of FY 12-13
Second Quarter of FY 12-13
1st Quarter of FY 12-13
Year End of FY 11-12
Third Quarter of FY 11-12
Second Quarter of FY 11-12
First Quarter of FY 11-12
Year-End FY 10-11

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