Local Section

Local sections are responsible for much of the work that CWEA does for wastewater professionals in California, and they have a unique purpose in CWEA. They serve to provide training, education, and other services to wastewater professionals in a local forum.

Many of the services that local sections provide are vital to the mission of CWEA. In order to help local sections succeed in providing these services to their own members, here are some tips and information for the most common services that local sections provide, including:

Local Section Orientation Packet
Award tools
Membership FAQs
Dinners & training events
Publications from newsletter to Web

In addition to providing services to members, local section leaders are asked to carry out some of the administrative aspects of CWEA. In order to minimize the time and energy these activities take, here are some references, forms, and guidelines to help with:

Financial reporting
Treasurer Webinar
Guide to productive meetings
Contacts & constitutions

Local Sections and committees work with each other in special regional and topical committees to shape the direction of CWEA! These are:

Northern & Southern Regional Committe. Contacts are shown on CWEA's Committee list under "Regional."
Training Coordination Committee