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The "Leader Link" is the newsletter for CWEA leaders: committees, local sections, past presidents, and the board of directors. Comments, questions, responses are welcome! Simply forward them to: 
[email protected]

October 2013

AMS Update; Leadership Workshops on 21st Century Education; President Dobson Seeks Board Nominations; CWEA Code of Conduct Policies; Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship; It's Local Section Awards Season; New P3S Committee Chair; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

August-September 2013
Help Promote NRTC; Mechanical Technologist Volunteer Opportunity; President Christoph Dobson Seeks CWEA Board Nominations; Copyright for Online Images; Meeting Icebreaker; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

July 2013
Regional Committees Update; Board Approves FY13-14 Budget and Program of Work; Local Section and Committee Budgets Approved; New North Coast Testing Centers; Certification Policy Revised; AMS Project Update; CWEA Awards Program Kicks off July 1; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

June 2013
Committee Leadership Success Stories; How to Make Webinars Work for You; CWEA Awards Program Kicks off July 1;
Layperson's Guide to California Wastewater Now Available; 50+ Attend Monterey Bay Section Tour; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

May 2013
New Year, New Faces; Local Section and Committee Orientation Resources; Share Your Stories; CWEA's New Board Members and Key Contacts; Big Thanks for Donating to the Kirt Brooks Scholarship Fund; New Volunteer Opportunities; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

March 2013
Free CWEA Training: Skills to Boost your Leadership Success; A Key to Success: Local Section Support; Regional Committee Meetings; Public Education Committee Meetup at AC; CWEA Annual Business Meeting: We need you for Quorum; Local Section and Committee Budgets Due April 30; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

February 2013
Local Section Participation Surging; Annual Conference News; CWEA Annual Business Meeting: We Need you for Quorum; Local Section and Committee Budgets Due April 30; New Feature on CWEA Events Calendar; Free CWEA Training: Skills to Boost your Leadership Success; Regional Committee Meetings; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

January 2013
Build Relationships by Breaking the Ice; New Quarter Century Recognition Program Deadline Extended; There's Also Still Time to Submit for 5S or PICK Awards; New Feature on CWEA Events Calendar; Calling all Local Section Treasurers; AC13 Free Display Tables; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

December 2012
Volunteer Opportunities Menu...And a Prize; Icebreaker: What's Your Claim to Fame; New Quarter Century Recognition Program; Awards and Installation Banquets; CWEA Board Nominations Due 12/20; Free E-bulletin Wordpress Training; Calling all Local Section Treasurers; Committee Reports to Board Due January 7, Check the CWEA Calendar When Scheduling Events; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

November 2012
Do you Know Your Volunteers' Hot Buttons; "Sweet Sour Sweet" Networking Exercise; SoCal Local Sections Can Support AC13 in Palm Springs; Award and Installation Banquets; CWEA Board Nominations Due December 20; NRTC 2013 Dates Moved; Calling all CWEA Local Section Treasurers; Committee Reports to CWEA Board Due January 7; Check the CWEA Calendar When Scheduling Events; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

October 2012
Keeping New Members Engaged; How Local Sections Can Promote CWEA's Scholarship Program; Local Section Installation Banquets; President Mattingly Seeks CWEA Board Nominations, Free Training on 10/30; Calling all CWEA Local Section Treasurers; Meeting Icebreaker: Not Your Normal Nametags; On the Personnel Front, For Board and Staff; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

August-September 2012
Ideas to Recruit and Retain New Members; President Mattingly Seeks CWEA Board Nominations; Free Leadership Training on 10/30; Over 1,000 E-bulletin Stories Published, Dinner Meeting Icebreaker; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

July 2012
Make Membership Fun and Interactive; Board Approves FY 12-13 Budget and Program of Work; Membership and Certification Pricing Changes; AMS Update; New FY 12-13 Initiative: Certification Prep Sessions; Promote Workplace Winners; Regional Committees to Develop Quarter Century Recognition Program; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

June 2012
TCP Turns 75; New Operator Certification Program Regulations Proposed; CWEA Awards Program Kicks off on July 1; How to get More Impact from Online Newsletters; Regional Committee Meetings; Students and Young Professionals' Website Launched; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

May 2012
Doing Our Part to Retain Members; Share your Stories; CWEA's New Board Members and Key Contacts; Local Section and Committee Orientation Resources; Big Thanks to the Kirt Brooks Scholarship Fund; New Volunteer Opportunities; Regional Committee Meetings; What is a QR code and why do you need one?; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

March 2012
Cert Prep Taskforce's Train the Trainer Free Workshop; Free CWEA Training: Growing in Leadership;
WATER'S WORTH IT; CWEA Annual Business Meeting...Quorum Needed; AC12 Info Tables Still Available;
Contribute to the Scholarship Fund; Local Section and Committee Budgets Due April 30; Regional Committee Meetings in April; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

February 2012
#WeLoveCWEA; WATER'S WORTH IT; CWEA Annual Business Meeting..Approve Your New Board Slate; AC12 Info Tables Available; Last Chance to Submit for this Year's 5S Award; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

January 2012
How to Shine Online; Local Sections and Committees Encouraged to Have an Info Table At AC12; There's Still Time to Submit for 5S or PICK Awards; WEF Fellows Nominations due 2/1; Local Section Treasurer Training Webinar on 2/8; WEF Webcasts now Free; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

November - December 2011
Leaders Need Mentors; Awards Deadlines Coming up Fast; Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship; President Allen Seeks Board Nominations; Local Section Treasurer Training on Feb 8; CWEA Office Holiday Schedule; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

October 2011
Networking that Matters Most; And the Winner Is...Someone you Know; Dashboards...Measuring our Progress; The Lazy Leader's Guide to Outrageous Results; 2011 Member Value Report Released; Upcoming Regional Committee Meetings; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

September 2011
High Volunteerism can Mean Lower Unemployment Rates; Awards Season Kickoff; Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship; Get your CWEA Online Learning Today; The Lazy Leader's Guide to Outrageous Results; New ECI Study Guides Released; SRC Meeting Expanded to Include Free Leadership Training; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

August 2011
President Allen Seeks CWEA Board Nominations; Meeting Schedule Tools; Outrageously Effective Marketing Materials; Biosolids Reporting Lunchtime Trainings Available; Free Training: the Lazy Leader's Guide to Outrageous Results; Staffing Change; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

June-July 2011
Executive Director’s Message and Budget Highlights Flyer; CWEA 2011 Awards Season Kicks Off; Public Education Committee Update; CWEA Calendar; Conference Calling; Pearson VUE Test Center Update; Reaching a Younger Audience; WEF Committee Communication Website; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

April-May 2011
Treasurer Training; Award Season 2011; Scholarship Donations; CWEA Strategy Map; Innovative Leadership Resources; State of the Association; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

March 2011
Engage Your Local Section Members; Local Section & Committee Budgets Due April 30; Workshop for CWEA Leaders; Study Session Instructors for your Local Section; Managing Complexity with Checklists; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

February 2011
Local Section Budget Template; Treasurer Training March 8 & 16; Blog for the E-Bulletin; Managing Volunteer Challenges; AC11 Needs Volunteers; 2011 Board Nominees; Proxies Due March 24; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

December 2010
3 Tips on Creating a Great Meeting Experience; CWEA Local Section & Committee Success Stories;
AC11 Pre-conference Workshops for CWEA Leaders; Kirt Brooks Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15;
Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

November 2010
Local Sections Positioned to Deliver Preferred Training; NRTC '10 a Great Success; 2 CWEA Leadership Positions Open!; Scholarship Season Reminder; WEF Dues Increase; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

October 2010
Real-Life Leadership Training; New CSM Study Guides Released; Nominate Your Best & Brightest to CWEA's Board;
Member Value Report Available Now; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

September 2010
New Look for CWEA Web Site; Awards Season is Here!; Help Your New CWEA Local Section Members Experience The Value of Belonging; State of The Association Webcast on E-Bulletin; Tri-Counties Section Boosts Vendor Support With 'Vendor Walk Grand Prize Drawing'; Start a Students and Young Professionals Committee at Your Local Section; CWEA Board Nominations; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

June 2010
Awards Season Starts July 1; CWEA Board Approves FY 10-11 Budget; Print and Electronic Local Section Newsletter Questions; CWEA Staff Can Help With Local Section Contracts; Help Keep Our CWEA Member Data Current; Transition to New Web Host Will Affect Local Section Sites; New Schedule For Wastewater Professional; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar.

May 2010
Staffing Changes at Office; State of the Association; New Board Elected; Scholarship Gets $14k; CWEA Directors & Past Presidents Available to Present CWEA Awards to Your Council or Board; CWEA Board Update; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar.

April 2010
Tapping into Pools of New Members; Scholarship Donations At 5-S Induction This Year; Post Your Events Online!; TCP Seeking Northern Liaison; LS & Committee Budgets Due April 30; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar.

March 2010
Treasurer's Training Info Tables @ AC10; Budgets Due April 30; Board Nominees; Annual Business Meeting; 2008-09 Audit; January Board Meeting Updates; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

February 2010
Help Promote AC10!; TCP Trainer Training; CSJS Launches Web Site; Budgets Due April 30; Treasurer's Training; 5S Nominations Due March 1;
YP Summit in Puerto Rico; New CWEA Web Calendar!

October 2009
November leadership meeting; Banquet & installation forms needed; Board nominations due December 16; Minding the meeting's minutes; Staff contacts; Leadership calendar

September 2009
Board takes action; Collections Test Validated; Post News on E-Bulletin; WW Professional is Back!; Free Leadership Training; Scholarships available now; New Local Section Policy; Board nominations open; Staff contacts; Leadership calendar

July 2009
Leadership Calendar; New & Improved E-Bulletin; June Board Meeting; Leadership Training; Electronic Renewal Notices; WEF Dues; Staff Contacts; Leadership Calendar

April 2009
Local Section Policy Replacing Affiliate Agreement Review Draft and Give at April SRC/NRC Meeting; Next Generation of Certification Prep Trainers Needed; Treasurers' Training Webinar; Department of Public Health Contact Hours Available; Annual Conference 2009

March 2009
Local Section Webinar 6 Bloggers Needed Board Economic Response; FY 07-08 Reports; 2009-2010 Board Nominees; Young Professional Membership Update Leadership Calendar

January 2009
CBT's First Month; E-Bulletin News; Orientation Packets; HOT Award Tips; Post Your Event on the CWEA Calendar Page; Study Session Marketing; Leadership Calendar

November 2008
What's in it for Employers?; New Newsletter Award; The Benefits of Volunteering; Changes in MLS Department; Important Awards Reminder

October 2008
Board Updates; New Certification Task Force;  Scholarship Applications; Awards Season

August-September 2008
Annual Planning Meeting  Oct 7; Certification Applications Due Nov. 30 for Jan-Mar Testing Window; Awards Update: No More Binder, 2 New Awards; Recruiting & Retaining Members; Save The Dates - Conferences; Get "Liquid Assets" Documentary Aired on Your Local PBS Station; No Drugs Down The Drain Campaign Oct. 4-11; Board Nominations Due  Dec 17 

June-July 2008

New Leader Link look and Feel; Board Approves FY 08/09 Budget; Membership dues go up; End of year Financial Reports due 8/1; Save the Date: Annual Planning meeting is 10/7; FY07/08 Highlights

March '08

CWEA Board Update; Study sessions resources and updates; Film festival update; History Committee needs your stories; Contact WEF with address changes; Check lists and key dates

February '08

Slate of new Board nominees & Annual Business Meeting info; How to calculate nonmember fees; 5S nominations due March 5; Annual Conference info; Update on record numbers of Kirt Brooks Scholarship applications received

December '07
CWEA’s Office Has Moved!; Kirt Brooks Scholarship Applications Due Feb. 1st; Key Dates; Committee and Local Section Checklists

July/August 07
Setting up your team for success; FY 06-07 Growth; FY 07-08 Program of Work and Plans; FY 07-08 Membership; Student Dues and Certification Fees; SSO WDR Training Updates; Awards Task Force news and who to call if you have awards questions; Volunteer Recruitment - Challenges & Advice; Question Corner - a sampling of questions you've asked…and answers

April/May '07
Tips on encouraging members to participate; New 07-08 CWEA Board Members
Annual Business Meeting Highlights; Student Registration at CWEA State & Regional Conferences - now free!; Disability Accommodations at CWEA Training Events; Strategic Plan Update; Public Education Committee Standing Rules Updates

February '07
Board Takes Action Mid-Year; Certification Exam Results in the Mail; 5S Seeks Inductees ; Tips and Tools Available; Budgets and Work plans Due; AC is More Than Technical Sessions; Announcing Flex Your Power Awards; Cycle Into Excellence; Saying Goodbye After Seven Years; SSO-WDR Update

January '07
Welcome New Local Section Leaders; Awards Season - taking stock at mid-point; Board Meeting - January 26-27, 2007; LS - New Bank Signature Cards Needed; Committee Past Chair Plaque Order Due; Wastewater Professional Article Deadlines; E-Bulletin Article Deadlines; What's Included in the Minutes; Resources for Leaders

December '06
Effective Communication Basics; State Board Nominations Due; In Search of Item Writers - Be a part of CWEA's testing future; Using Email to Promote Your Next Event

November '06
We Did It - Constitutional Amendments Pass; Preparing for the Passing of the Gavel; New Board Nomination Process Begins Now; New Schedule to Order Past President and Past Chair Plaques; Regional Committee Reminders; Specialty Conferences and Committees; SSO-WDR Training Update; State SSO Reporting Database Username and Passwords; Membership at Record High; Local Section Membership Also Breaking Records; Encouraging Members to Be Active and Involved

October '06
Your Board at Work in September; Plaque Order Deadlines for Awards Season; Certification Application Deadline; Training Opportunities on SSO-WDR; Annual Planning Meeting; Reaching Vote Goal Means No Repeat Effort

September '06
Preaching and Practicing Inclusiveness; CWEA Member Demographics; Host a SSO-WDR Training Session; President's Schedule Through Awards Season; Annual Planning Meeting; Reminder - Vote by 10/31

August '06
Constitution Changes; Volunteers Needed; Nominations Open - Timeline Changed; SSO-WDR Trainers Needed; Award & Installation Dates Requested; Response to June Leader Question; September Board Reports Due; Call for Papers; Our Staff Shifting Space & Duties; Excited to Know Your Test Results?; Regional Committees Think Leadership; Awards - what's new and what's coming; School Year = Scholarship

July  '06
New Fiscal Year Begins in Full Swing; SSO-WDR Compliance Extensions Set; Membership Dues and Nonmember Pricing; FY 2006-2007 Treasurers Binders Coming; Pricing of CWEA Services and Products; Awards Applications Available; Call for Past Presidents' Memoirs

June  '06
Communicating with Members; Scholarship Season Starts in September; Our Goals Speak to Members; July Test Around the Corner; Awards Applications are Coming; Board Meeting - June 16-17, 2006; Fun Dates in June

May  '06
Motivation 101; A Look at Local Section Membership; New Liaisons; SWRCB Adopts SSO WDR & CWEA Responds to Training Need; Student Activities Committee Seeks Volunteers; Your Board - hard at work in April; New Board Members

April  '06
Bringing the Conference Home with You; Sending Emails - the do's of e-promotion; Committee Update; Local Section Update; Scholarship Recipients Announced; TCP Code of Ethics Answers

March  '06
Thanks to Our 2005-2006 Volunteers; Committees Seek Volunteer Leaders; Here's What's Coming in '06-'07; Specialty Conferences - how do they work; Meetings for Leaders at AC; National Volunteer Week is April 23-29; Send in Your Local Section Rosters

February  '06
Board Looks at Mid-Year Progress; Select Society Seeks 2006 Inductees; Election Reminder; Publication Deadlines for 2006; Local Section Rosters; Code of Ethics: Revisions Accepted by Board; Time for Changes in CWEA Leadership

December  '05
The WE in CWEA; Self-Select with Our New Phones; Publication Deadlines for 2006; Code of Ethics: To ensure post-test competency; January Board Meeting Announced; Apply for Your Scholarship Before Deadline (Feb 1)

November  '05
Creative Minds Meet the Process Patrol; Holiday Hours; Congratulations on Your Nomination; Member and Nonmember Survey; Awards Banquet and Plaque Deadlines; New Phone Direction for CWEA; October Planning Links to Next Year's Work

October  '05
Our Board Moves Us Forward; The 5 Ws of Regional Committees; Awards - Deadlines & Banquets; Volunteers Needed for Lab Analyst Certification; Farewell to a Leader; Leaders Connect at the October Planning Meeting

September  '05
Creating & Breaking Routine; Scholarships Available; Annual October Planning Meeting; What's in it for Me?; Leaders Gather; More Dates and More Deadlines

August  '05
Permission to Trust; The Passing of an Honored Leader; Committee Reports Due 8/16/05; Nominations to 2006 Board; New Test Results Format; Awards & Installation Tips

July  '05
Investment Budget for FY 05-06; Getting Them to Stay - Retaining Volunteers; Snapshot: Conferences; Snapshot: Membership; Snapshot: Technical Certification; Our Strategic Plan Provides Focus; More News; Exhibit Clues; Pricing/Dues Update; New Dues = New Nonmember Differential

May  '05
New Leaders for CWEA; Scholarship and Tsunami Relief Donations; And the Winner Is...; Bringing Our Plan to Life; Certification Code of Ethics Update; A New Committee; Annual Conference Factoids

April '05
Balance Learning & Leading at AC; Committee Meetings and Special Events; Reminders to Leaders

March '05
NSJS Takes the Lead with Tsunami Relief; Time Management for the Busy Leader; LS Certification Study Sessions for 2006; Strategic Plan Update; Important Meetings at AC; Board Events at the Annual Conference

February '05
Board Responds to Tsunami Disaster; Board Responds to Association Needs; Action Plans Update; Election Season is Upon Us; Busy Season of Deadlines for Committees; What are Regional Committees?

December '04/January '05
Focused Leadership; Office Closed; Awards & Scholarship Deadlines; We're looking for 5Sers; Contact Hours Due; Board Meeting Set for January 14-15; Participate in a National Survey

November  '04
Personal and Professional Benefits for Volunteers;  New LS Board Lists Needed; RFP Released for Train the Trainer; Int'l Water Quality & the Rotary Club; Emailing Flyers and Promotions; State Awards Deadline; Leaders Take Next Steps; Maternity Leave for Program Director

October  '04
Board Approves Conference Goals and Honorariums; TCP Exam Application Deadline; Scholarships Available; LS Awards Order; Quick Tips for E-Bulletin Articles; Fixing Up Your Flyers

September  '04
Good Leaders Sometimes Follow; Your Board in Action; Board Seeks Candidates by 
October 15th; October Leadership Planning Meeting; Contact Hours Tools for Trainers; Award Banquet Dates Due; September is for Scholarship

August  '04
Leading with Questions; SWRCB seeks comments on Water Recycling Fund Project; October is for Leaders; Brining the Awards to You; Board Nominations Open; Governance Restructuring Hearings; NRTC & Other September Events

June/July  '04
Board Action: FY 04-05 Budget Passed, No Dues Increase; Board Action: Public Awareness Key to New Strategic Plan; What's Behind the Budget; The Pay-off of Our Strategic Plan; Generate Local Publicity for your Events; Send in your Awards & Installation Dates; Get Involved in Nationwide Research; Calling All Maintenance Techs; As Websites Grow, Contact Staff First

May '04
The Opening and Closing Act; RSVP Now for May Strategic Plan Meetings; New Manual for Work (SSOPRP); Board Liaison Update; News Not to Lose; July Certification Renewal Alert; In Search of Exam Items; Highlights from Our Website; Agenda Duhs.

April '04
Annual Conference Comes Alive; We're Looking for Your Feedback on Our Draft Strategic Plan; Board Meeting Update; Changes to Certificate Renewal Process; Highlights from Our Website

March '04
Finding the Next Star; Draft Strategic Plan is Out; Space Available for Meetings at NRTC & Other Committee Reminders; AC Committee Meetings - date & times; CASA & BACWA Offer to Repeat Media Training Event; You say Goodbye and I say Hello; Tales from the Trenches; 1st Certificate Holders to Need Contact Hours; Highlights from Our Website

February '04
Quick Hits from the Board; Slate of Nominees; Casting for Stardom; Leaders Speak; Watershed is Coming to a TV Near You; Operator Study Guides Available; Tales from the Trenches; Highlights from Our Website

December '03/January '04
A New Year's Resolution: Share CWEA, Highlights from our website; Take this Job and Analyze It; Scholarships Available; LS Officers - Don't be left out; Film Festival; Strategic Plan Under Construction; Reports Due for Board; Operator Study Guides Available

November 2003
Setting the Stage for Graceful Exits, Testing your Know-How: Door Prize or Raffle, Certification Next Steps, New Voice for CWEA, Film Festival Seeking Videos, Board Nominations Closed, October Planning Meeting Update, Online Study Group Debuts, Selecting the Evening Entertainment, Highlights from Leadership Central

October 2003
Our Board's Actions and Activities, Thinking of Joining the Board?, Your Chance to Shape Our Future, Minding the Meeting's Minutes, New Staff for Certification, Certification Exam Application Deadline, Publication Deadlines Released

September 2003
Building Trust: A Leadership Talent, Local Section and Committee Training, WEFTEC is for Students, Scholarships Available, Faxing - Okay for Now, 1st Annual October Planning Meeting ,State Board Nominations Open

August 2003
Board Sets Program of Work & Budget, October Planning Meeting, Membership: benefits and differentials, FCC New Fax Law, Board Nominations Open, Volunteer at WEFTEC

July 2003
Think Like a Leader (by Past President Dan Hinrichs!), Leaders Speak, May Planning-to-Plan Wrap-Up, Awards Forms Available, LS Awards Banquet Dates & Information

June 2003
Creating Your Legacy, Upcoming Board Meeting, Year End Reports, Financial Reporting Headaches?

May 2003
AC & Business Meeting Update, Joint Regional Committee Meeting, April Board Meeting, Planning to Plan, Website Debuts, Liaisons Assigned

April 2003
Welcome New Leaders, CWEA Liaisons, Web News, Duplicate Bank Statements, Planning to Plan, When Action is Needed

March 2003
Treasurers, did you hear?, Gearing Up for the Annual Conference, A Meeting for Leaders, Talking about Recruitment

January/February 2003
At the Board Meeting, Meaningful Meetings, Winter Leadership Training, Membership: A transition in progress

December 2002
Securing Agency Support, CWEA Board Meeting Information, Select Society Seeks Inductees, Leaders Speak

November 2002
Building Generational Synergy, Operator Certification Continues, New Voice at the Office, Scholarships Available, AC 04 Exhibit Registration, Board Meeting Information, Awards Information

October 2002
Revitalize Your Volunteers, Operator Certification, NRTC 2003, Photo Check, Contact Hours Tools for Trainers, Local Section Awards Banquets, Awards Deadline for the State

September 2002
The Volunteer Void, The Wastewater Professional, Contact Hours Pre-approval, Board Meeting, Common Trends: Water & Wastewater Industries, Nominations

August 2002
Type L Personality, Specialty Conferences, Online Registration, Heavy Equipment Training, Tips for E-Bulletin Articles, CEUs from the SWRCB

July 2002
Board Balances Budget, Other Board Action, TCP Recertification, Membership Categories, Awards

Copies of the LS/COM Connection are still available online.