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Planning & Program Development Committee Information

The Planning and Program Development (PPD) Committee is responsible for:

  • Design of annual planning and program development.

  • Planning the annual budget.

  • Preparing the annual program plan.

  • Planning work sessions.

  • Developing the strategic framework (vision, mission, objectives).

  • Recommending sites; topics and contracts for the Annual Conference, and all other Conferences with an anticipated regional audience.

  • Developing and recommending policies and procedures regarding the conduct of all training activities.

  • Review of, and recommendations regarding new program development

  • Overseeing activities of Task Forces and Special Committees.

  • Reporting and recommending to the Board on all matters from the Committee.

The Planning and Program Development Committee membership is made-up of the:

  • President Elect
  • Vice President
  • Past President
  • 3rd Year Regional Chair Director (past Regional Chair)
  • 3rd Year Director-at-Large


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