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Operations Committee Information

The Operations Committee (OPS) is responsible for:

  • Implementation of a programmatic budget (developed by PPD and approved by the board)
  • Reviewing the audit or financial review
  • Reviewing and recommending appropriate changes in dues, fees, or other income sources to ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Reviewing and recommending guidelines for bookkeeping, financial reviews, and cash funds
  • Reviewing the financial activities of CWEA committees and conferences
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to operations policies or procedures are required
  • Oversight of publications, conference activities, and the technical certification program activities
  • Oversight of the Training Coordination Committee

The Operations Committee membership is made-up of the:

  • Treasurer/Secretary
  • 2nd Year Director-at-Large (who will become Treasurer)
  • 1st Year Director-at-Large (2)
  • TCP Chair Director
  • 2nd Year Regional Committee Chair


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