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Local Sections Positioned to Deliver Preferred Training 

NRTC '10 a Great Success

2 CWEA Leadership Positions Open!

Scholarship Season Reminder

WEF Dues Increase

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Survey Shows Local Sections Positioned to Deliver 
Preferred Training Format

The American Society of Association Executives recently published the results of a survey that explores what motivates professionals to learn. The survey included 12 associations including IEEE, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Project Management Institute. The survey was designed to apply to a wide range of organizations, not just the associations that cosponsored the study.  

Overall, the research indicates that professionals prefer to learn from other practitioners in person and in real time, but not at a conference. The least preferred ways to learn were any type of distance learning. However, actual participation tells a different story.  Almost 60% of respondents reported having participated in at least one distance learning program in the last year.  Although distance learning is least preferred, the reality may be that professionals still seek distance training to address the travel time and expenses of in-person training.  

The good news is that CWEA local sections (and committees that deliver local training) are in an excellent position to deliver the most preferred method of professional education: Face to face, in-person training delivered by another professional in the field. Plus, local sections can provide that training locally and inexpensively. Meanwhile, our Training Coordination Committee (TCC) is exploring web-based distance learning opportunities for our members. Through CWEA state and local section efforts, we are striving to reach the right mix of local face-to-face training, regional conferences, and distance education opportunities to give our members options that fit their preferences and realities.  

More Survey Highlights  

Highest ranked learning format:
In person, led by an instructor (Not at a conference or convention)

Lowest ranked learning format
Distance learning, without an instructor or presenter (among all age groups, including millennials).

Highest ranked instructor type
Professional in the field (lowest was suppliers or vendors).

Annual spending on professional education
$3,280 (over half paid for by the employer).

#1 barrier to professional education/training
Travel time required, lack of money, and conflicting time pressures.

#1 reason to belong to an association
Access to up-to-date information on the profession.

#1 learning motivation of young members
To increase on-the-job competency.

Learn More at the January 27 SRC Meeting  

A more detailed report of the results and discussion is scheduled for the next Southern Regional Committee meeting in San Diego . Be sure to send your local section and committee representatives to this meeting to learn more about this valuable study. 



NRTC '10 A Great Success

Over 450 water environment professionals traveled to Modesto to join in on two days of excellent training, networking and fun. A sold-out exhibition hall both inside and outside, offered resources to make your job easier and your impact even greater. Now, more than ever, employees are expected to innovate and lead by taking advantage of learning opportunities and by sharing information with their peers. 

The new location (first time in Modesto) allowed for an increase in daily commuters, which made the training closer and more accessible for more attendees. To top off the hard work, some fun rolled in included an afternoon candy bar break, an antique car show, golf tournament, dinner under the stars and an ice cream sundae bar. 

Thanks to all of the volunteers who made this event successful, especially Co-Chairs Blaine Drewes, City of Livermore and Steve Dominguez, Delta Diablo Sanitation District. Wed also like to thank the City of Modesto for all the special additions to make the event so special.


Volunteers Wanted!
Gain Valuable Leadership Experience

CWEA is seeking members to fill two important positions:

Operations and Maintenance Training Committee
Vice Chair (South)

  • 2- year term.  Become Chair in 2nd year of term.

  • Committee generates annual conference technical sessions and awards selection for Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance.

  • Helps on occasion with finding maintenance trainers for local technical training

  • Good entry-level position for someone looking to get more exposure and experience with the CWEA leadership

Technical Certification Program (TCP) Executive Committee
Vice Chair II (South).

  • 3-year term.  Become TCP Chair in 3rd year of term.  Member of CWEA State Board in 3rd year of term, which requires attending Board meetings and workshops (4 in total).

  • Monthly meetings via phone conference and emails during the month to address TCP issues.

  • Good opportunity for someone looking to step up their involvement, contribution, and leadership development

Interested?  Contact Simon Watson , CWEA Treasurer at [email protected] or 714 593 7213


Scholarship Season Reminder  

Scholarship season is here. Be sure to help the Kirt Brook Memorial Water Environment Scholarship Committee get the word out about our program in your member publications, web sites, and other communications. Last year we awarded $10,000 in scholarships to students in water related college programs.     

For more information and the scholarship flyer visit the scholarship web page.


WEF Dues Increase

The WEF Board of Trustees has approved a dues increase that takes effect January 1, 2011. The increase affects only CWEAs WEF membership categories. WEF has not indicated how it will roll-out or communicate the dues increase to members, but as local section and committee leaders you may be asked about the increase. 

The following membership category dues will be increased (all others remain unchanged):  

New Dues 
Professional $3 $220
PWO $2 $179
Corporate $100 $482
Young Professional $2 $113




2010 Leadership Meeting 

Keep an eye out for the next issue of  Leader Link where we'll present highlights of the November Leadership meeting. 


STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


Latasha King x 110


Publications & Advertising
Lola Dvorak
  x 114


Local Sections, Committees, Leader Link

Chris Lundeen  x 104



Brian Murray x 102


Lola Dvorak  x 114



Leslie Carino x 107


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Donohoe x 120


Leadership Calendar      





November 25-26 CWEA offices closed for Thanksgiving Day holiday
Northern LS & Committee Leaders NRC Meeting-- CWEA Offices, Oakland Rick Staggs
[email protected]
December 20 CWEA Leaders/Members CWEA Board Nominations Due Victoria Rawson
[email protected] 
Dec. 24-Jan.2 CWEA offices closed for holidays
January 15 LS Leaders and TCP Committee Members Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship Application Deadline Connie Leonard 
[email protected]
January 27 Southern LS & Committee Leaders SRC Meeting-- 
San Diego
Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
January 28-29 CWEA Leaders CWEA Board Meeting
San Diego Catamaran Hotel
Victoria Rawson
[email protected] 
Feb. 8- Mar. 2 CWEA Leaders/Members CWEA P3S Conference
Santa Clara
Marci Donohoe
[email protected]
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