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CWEA Board Takes Action At September Meeting

The CWEA Board of Directors had a packed agenda for its September 16, 2009 meeting in Redding . As with any Board meeting, the September meeting was a culmination of many projects they have been working on over the past few months. Below you’ll find a summary of what the Board has been working on, other than what is already highlighted in the rest of this issue of Leader Link

NRTC 2010 set for Modesto
The Board approved holding our Northern Regional Training Conference 2010 in Modesto .  Dates to be determined during the contracting phase expected this fall.

AC 2013 slated for Palm Springs, April 16-20
The Board approved holding our Annual Conference in 2013 in Palm Springs , April 16-20.  Plan ahead and put upcoming AC dates in your calendar now!  AC 2010 is in Sacramento , April 20-24.  AC 2011 is in Ontario , April 12-15. AC 2012 is in Sacramento , April 17-20.

Conference revenue goals for next cycle are set
Based on actual results for the past five years and anticipated expense increases, the Board set the net revenue committee goals for the Annual Conference committee for AC 2011 (in Ontario), Northern Regional Training Conference 2010 (in Modesto), the Northern Safety Conference 2010, and P3S 2011 (in Northern CA).

Reserves and investment policies amended
The Board approved changes proposed by the Board’s Operations Committee to Financial Policy 113 Emergency Reserve Fund & Project Fund and Financial Policy 111 Investments to clarify intent and to allow the Board the option of contributing a portion of any net income over expenses at year-end to the Scholarship Fund as well as back to reserves.  You can view CWEA policies at: 

Committee standing rules amended
The Board approved standing rules amendments proposed by the Public Education and Safety Committees to bring their standing rules up to date.  You can view CWEA Committee standing rules at:  

WEF MA outreach agreement
The Board approved a list of Member Association (MA) and WEF services, responsibilities, and future support that will be part of a WEF MA Outreach Agreement.  The list includes CWEA’s expectations of its relationship WEF, how CWEA supports or should support WEF, how WEF supports or should support CWEA, existing WEF services for MAs, and a “wish list” of future services.

Next Board meeting January 29-30
The next Board meeting will be held January 29-30, 2010 in San Diego . Committee quarterly reports, informational items, and requests for action are due January 6, 2010.  As always, local section and committee leaders, as well as any of our members, are welcome to attend board workshops and meetings.  Make plans now to join us in San Diego to see first-hand how the board conducts business.


Collections System Maintenance Certification Test Validation is in Full Swing
We’re looking for feedback and volunteers!

CWEA’s Technical Certification Program Committee is preparing to review and revise the Collection System Maintenance test content outlines to keep the tests current with wastewater industry procedures and regulations. You can get involved in this important process without leaving work or home.  Review and comment on the current test content outline online at  

CWEA is also looking for 20 Collections System Maintenance certificate-holders to participate in the validation project. Are you interested?  Do you know a co-worker or somebody in your local section who may be interested? Spread the word! All grade levels are welcome to participate. Please fill out this volunteer application form and send it in today!!! 

Need more information? Contact Vivien Malig at (510) 382-7800 x106 or at [email protected].


Post your CWEA Committees and Local Sections news on E-Bulletin

In case you haven’t already heard, the new E-bulletin has launched thanks to the hard work of the Member Communications Task Force!  Right now we have a handful of contributors posting a few items a week. That’s a good start, but we need the help of CWEA’s leaders to keep the content fresh and updated. The E-Bulletin is a great place for technical committees to share information in their fields of expertise. Local sections can post articles about their training and other events that members and other sections would be interested in learning about.     

Contributing to the E-Bulletin is easy. Local section and committee leaders just need to contact Chris Lundeen ([email protected]) to get a contributor logon to the E-Bulletin. Then you log on and post your articles, blurbs, and announcements directly online. If you are wondering what kind of content we are looking for, it’s probably easiest just to visit the E-bulletin and see what’s posted now.  

The Member Communications Task Force held a couple of online webinars over the summer to help committee and local section leaders get started posting content to the E-Bulletin. We are running more of the same webinars in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the invite that we’ll be sending to everybody on the Leader Link email list. Meanwhile, to get started right away, contact Chris Lundeen ([email protected]) for your logon info and see the CWEA E-Bulletin contributor manual If you’re not quite ready to do it yourself, but you have something to share on E-Bulletin, just email what you want to post to Chris.  


Wastewater Professional Returning January 2010
Article Deadline Oct. 12

The Wastewater Professional is normally a quarterly publication, but this year the CWEA Board budgeted to produce three issues to help keep costs down.  We skipped the fall 2009 issue and will continue the regular quarterly schedule beginning January 2010. The deadline to submit your local section and committee articles is October 12. All articles should be sent to Chris Lundeen at [email protected].


Get free leadership training at our November 4th Annual Leadership Meeting…

If you are a CWEA Local Section Board and/or Committee member or leader…or want to be…or have served as a CWEA volunteer leader in the past…or you’re not a CWEA volunteer but are interested in leadership training…you are invited to attend our Annual Leadership Meeting on Wednesday, November 4th at the Sheraton Hotel, Sacramento.  

Here’s a peek at a few agenda items:  

  • Learn from Local Section and Committee success stories.  Help brainstorm solutions to their challenges, which may ring a bell for you, too!
  • Learn how to fire up volunteers.
  • Find out why a code of conduct or ethics is important for any profession and why leaders need them.
  • Get an update on the status of the State Water Board requiring collection system certification and CWEA’s response.

Contact Victoria Rawson at [email protected] or 510.382.7800 x 113 for an invitation and the final agenda.


Kirt Brooks Water Environment Scholarship Season is Here!
Deadline to Apply: January 15

Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship season has begun with applications now available for download on the CWEA website. The Scholarship is for students currently studying or interested in studying for careers in the water environment field. Students don’t need to be members of CWEA, but if they aren’t they must sponsored by a CWEA member. Scholarships are given at all levels of study from those studying full or part-time, those getting their associate, bachelor, or graduate degrees.  

Help spread the word to CWEA’s local sections, universities, friends and neighbors. If you know any college students or coworkers going back to school, tell them about the scholarship and encourage them to apply.  

In order to keep the fund sustainable and to increase the amount of awards we are able to give out every year, we’ve set a goal to increase the fund reserves to $500,000 by 2015. Currently we’re at about $240,000, so this is a lofty goal, but the CWEA team is up to it. Looking ahead to upcoming costs of college education and upcoming retirements, let’s step up and encourage as many people as we can interested in going into the water/wastewater/environmental field.  

In September the Board approved a new policy (Financial Policy 116 Scholarship Fund Annual Grant Appropriation Policy) to define the approach to determining annual grant amounts from the Scholarship Fund.  The policy is based on a widely used model developed by college and university endowment funds.  It provides a consistent approach, based on granting approximately 5 percent of net asset value of the Scholarship Fund annually calculated in quarterly increments on a 36-month trailing basis.  You can view CWEA policies at:  

For those of you interested in applying for a scholarship this year be sure to download the application and get your documentation ready soon. The deadline to apply is January 15, 2010.  

Download the application and get more information about the Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Association at , or email [email protected]


Local Section Policy Replaces Local Section Affiliation Agreement

At its last meeting the Board approved a Local Section Policy that replaces the Local Section Affiliation Agreement.  It synchs up with CWEA’s constitution and the updated model Local Section constitution and bylaws.  It clarifies the relationship of CWEA and its Local Sections and does not change Local Section operations. The final approved Policy included revisions made to address feedback from Local Section leaders.  Board liaisons will be distributing the Policy to Local Section leaders.  You can view CWEA policies at:  


Nominate Candidates for open Board positions by December 16th  

Nominations to the following CWEA Board positions are open:   

  • VP from the South (President in third year of four-year service),
  • D irector-at-large from the North (three-year term),
  • D irector-at-large from the South (Treasurer in third year of three-year term), and
  • WEF D elegate D irector from the South (three-year term). 

The nomination deadline is December 16. To learn more about the positions and how to nominate a candidate check the e-bulletin ( ) or contact Victoria Rawson at [email protected] or 510.382.7800 x 113.


STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


Latasha King x 110


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Chris Lundeen  x 104


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Brian Murray x 102



Jodee Schwan x 125



Leslie Carino x 107


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Chase x 120


Leadership Calendar





Oct. 8 Southern Region Leaders Southern Regional Committee Meeting, Coachella Valley WD Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
Nov. 4 All CWEA leaders Annual Leadership Meeting
Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Nov. 30 All members Winter certification testing window deadline Vivien Malig [email protected] 
Dec. 8 Northern Region Leaders Northern Regional Committee Meeting, CWEA office Oakland  Penny Carlo
[email protected]
Dec. 17 All members CWEA Board nominations due, including completed questionnaire and bio. Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Jan. 8 Local Section awards committees Local section & committee award submissions due for state awards Jodee Schwan [email protected] 
Jan. 13-14 All interested leaders Board of Directors Meeting San Diego, CA Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Jan. 15 All members Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship application deadline Chris Lundeen [email protected]
Jan. 28 Southern Region Leaders Southern Regional Committee Meeting, San Diego Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
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