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Executive Director’s Message and Budget Highlights Flyer

CWEA 2011 Awards Season Kicks Off

Public Education Committee Update

CWEA Calendar

Conference Calling

Pearson VUE Test Center Update

Reaching a Younger Audience

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Leadership Calendar

Executive Director’s Message and Budget Highlights Flyer

This Executive Director’s Message should sound familiar to those of you who received a Board Insider from your Board Liaison. Elizabeth highlights CWEA’s June 24 & 25 Board workshop and meeting.  Our fiscal year starts July 1 so much of the Board meeting was dedicated to our FY 11-12 program of work and budget. We’ve also developed a Budget Highlights Flyer which breaks down how the Association will invest its resources this year and how members can take advantage of all CWEA has to offer.


2011 CWEA Awards Season Kicks Off

Awards forms for 2011 have been posted online. Please make sure to turn in your banquet dates and plaque orders as soon as you’ve made your installation and awards decisions. Contact Victoria Rawson with banquet questions and to schedule the President’s attendance. Contact Lola Dvorak to order your awards plaques.

Additionally, the CWEA Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention, and Stormwater Committee is in the process of soliciting nominations for the 2011 Facility of the Year Awards. These FOTY Awards are intended to recognize industrial user sites for their outstanding and innovative solutions in multimedia waste management. Learn more here.


Public Education Committee Update

The state PubEd Committee has gone dormant for now until new volunteers emerge to revitalize it.  In the meantime, some state committees such as P3S, Safety and Government Affairs are stepping up their public education activities. Local sections should also continue their records of public education and outreach success.


CWEA Calendar

Check out to find a water environment training event near you. Even over the summer, there’s something going on near you….from a tour of an ocean-water desalination demonstration plant…to a family fishing day…to two days of lab training for only $125.  Let us know if you have anything to add by sending your upcoming events to  

Use the calendar to plan your local section activities for the upcoming year. It can help you see what trainings are needed in your area and make sure that your efforts are having maximum impact. You might also find contacts to help develop your next event…CWEA leaders can help provide the substance and strategy for success.


Setting Up a CWEA Conference Call

Conference calling services and online meetings are available to CWEA local sections and committees. Contact Victoria Rawson at or 510-382-7800 x113 to make arrangements.  Conference calls and online meetings both require a host who needs to initiate the meeting with special security codes.  Whoever you designate as the host must call in and enter the Host Code before the meeting can start.  Until the host calls in, the conference call won’t be available to participants.  Attendees get separate codes to logon to the call and online meeting. Be sure not to share the host codes with participants.

Host’s Responsibilities:

    Create and distribute an agenda. Ideally this should be distributed 48 hours before the call, but 24 hours will suffice. The agenda should include what is being discussed, who is discussing each item, and how much time has been allotted for that item.

    Distribute any relevant documents participants may need. If you want people to review documents prior to the call, it’s important that you send them out. A distribution 15 minutes before the meeting is not acceptable. Remember time zones and give people adequate time in their local working day to review the material.

    Think of what you’ll do if something fails. If you’re going to use an online meeting center during the meeting, make sure you have a backup plan and files posted somewhere in case the virtual meeting center lets you down.

    Send out a last-minute confirmation or reminder to ensure everyone knows about the call. Let’s face it, we all get busy and forget to look ahead in our calendar.

Pearson VUE Test Center Update

CWEA’s business partner in delivering our Computer-based (CBT) certification tests is Pearson VUE.  Pearson VUE delivers exams through the world’s most comprehensive and secure network of test centers in 165 countries and is a top tier provider of CBT services.  Since starting delivery of CBT in 2009, we have found that Pearson VUE has been very responsive to our business needs and has provided excellent testing facilities and services.

The Pearson VUE test site team is continuing to work hard to search for test sites where our candidates need them most. The North Coast and Colorado River Basin Sections have lost third party test sites due to difficulty in meeting Pearson VUE’s minimum test site requirements. Their test site sales team, however, currently has two pending final agreements with academic institutions in the North Coast Section and are in the process of qualifying test sites in the Colorado River Basin Section. CWEA staff, local section leaders and Pearson VUE have been working together to identify possible new test centers for these areas that meet both Pearson VUE and CWEA requirements.

Pearson VUE’s minimum hardware and test site requirements are set to ensure that all CWEA candidates are provided with the same quality testing experience. The site requirements include an adequate and secure computer network, a clean, comfortable and well-lit environment, a dedicated testing space and certified proctors. Test sites are also required to meet basic system requirements and to install a security kit that includes a camera and palm/vein equipment. Sometimes the combination of these strict requirements and low test volume may be too costly for potential test sites.

Identifying potential third party sites can be time consuming and at times may never reach a final agreement from both parties, but Pearson VUE’s quick response to CWEA’s test center requests prove that our dedication to offer the best service to our candidates is just as important to them as it is to us.

To see their full list of test site requirements, please visit:

If you know of potential testing site that may meet Pearson VUE’s requirements, please contact CWEA Certification Manager, Vivien Malig.


Reaching a Younger Audience

CWEA’s local sections are a point of entry for many of CWEA’s members. Here are a few tips for attracting and retaining younger members:

  • Ask your younger local section and committee leaders members how they first heard about CWEA, your section, or committee. There may be opportunities to deliver messages in ways and in areas at low or no cost that you haven't thought of before.

  • Ask your current younger members' opinions on what things they need and why they are members.

  • Connect with younger audiences using media that they use and follow. By researching social networks, mobile apps, and so forth to see which mediums have active communities, you could gain greater insight into new ways to connect with people.

  • Seek out external young-professional programs. Reach out to HR departments of large employers in your area to find out if they have any special programs for young employees that you could use for marketing purposes.

  • Provide discounted membership and event rates for students. One of the best ways to get members involved for the long term is to catch them before they're in the workforce and then your local section can become the go-to resource for everything they need to succeed in your industry.

  • Make attending your association's events less intimidating by promoting an event ambassador system. As a young professional, it can be quite intimidating to attend an event with an organization he or she has just learned of, but if he or she knows at least one person there, it's a whole lot easier to go. Also if this seasoned member ambassador is willing to meet a new attendee beforehand and introduce him or her around, this will make the first impression a lasting one.

  • Host events in locations and at venues that would attract younger people.

  • Recruit younger members onto your Board.

This article was adapted from ASAE’s Membership Developments newsletter.


WEF Committee Communication WebcastAugust 17, 2011

WEF is offering a complimentary WEBCAST on WEF and MA Committee Communications’ Initiative for Member Associations’ Board and Committee Leaders and WEF Committee Leaders on August 17th, 1:30 – 2:30 pm eastern time. Learn more about WEF Committees and how to get involved on the national level, committee mapping, navigating the website, quick links to MA Resources and more… Click here to register!

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