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Leadership Calendar

New & Improved E-Bulletin--More Opportunities to Connect
CWEA has exciting news to report about the E-Bulletin, the electronic newsletter for our members. The Member Communications Task Force has put a great deal of time and thought into how to make our electronic newsletter an even better, more useful member benefit. We are now ready to produce the premier issue of the new and improved E-Bulletin, to reach our members’ inboxes mid-August, 2009.  
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Highlights of the new format include:

  • Current content. Content will be added as we get it. Members will be able to go to the E-Bulletin and read new articles weekly (and perhaps even daily).  
  • Greater frequency. Members will receive a notification email once each month with articles of particular interest called out (similar to the old E-Bulletin).
  • Time & money saved. The new format will significantly reduce production costs: we will save money previously paid to outsource both the E-Bulletin and the notification email. The new format will also reduce the amount of time we spend creating the newsletter--staff will simply read and approve articles and write a simple email to highlight special content each month.
  • Submissions simplified. Local Sections and Committees will designate a Board member or a Board role to be in charge of submitting content. The designees will simply go to the E-Bulletin (CWEA will provide login/access information for the designees) and post their articles, then notify the E-Bulletin administrator that it is time to review and approve. To learn exactly how and when to post your content, see the information about webcast training sessions, below.
  • Easier access will generate wider audience. Readers will no longer need to log in to access the E-Bulletin. Your ideas and insights will reach more people more quickly.

The news and perspectives provided by you, our dedicated volunteer leaders, are invaluable to other leaders and the general membership alike. To upgrade your ability to share your thoughts and wisdom, CWEA will accept and approve content from Local Sections and Committees throughout each month. We will also accept content from the general membership; interested members not designated by a Local Section or Committee will need to contact staff to submit articles.

CWEA Leaders Will Be First to See and Contribute to the New E-Bulletin
Leaders will be able to take advantage of this improved way to share news and information with the rest of the membership--starting this August. To be sure everyone understands the new format, the new submission process, and the software to be used for submitting, CWEA's Member Communications Task Force invites (and encourages) you to attend a sneak-preview webcast.
Please join us so you will have all the information and tools you need to get started. 

We will hold two webcasts (see below for details). We’d like you to attend at least one; please RSVP to Amber Rhett ([email protected] ; 510-382-7800 x114) to let us know which webcast you plan to attend.  

Tuesday, August 4th, 11:00 AM
Conference call Number: 1-888-872-1176
Code: 4020#
Meeting ID: 429-747-435

Thursday, August 6th, Noon
Conference call Number: 1-888-872-1176
Code: 4020#
Meeting ID: 491-161-970

During these webcasts, you will get a tour of the new E-Bulletin and its improved functionality. You’ll also learn how to submit your articles, what happens to them once they are submitted, and how to give them the best chance of appearing in the notification email CWEA members receive each month.

Attendance is limited to 15 participants per session. Reserve your spot early!


CWEA Board's Successful June 2009 Meeting
The Board approved the 2009-2010 program of work and a balanced budget that maintains the value of membership without raising dues. During the June 27th meeting, the Board worked efficiently to guide and direct CWEA to continue our core mission to train and certify water environment professionals. A key goal of the 2009-2010 program of work is maintaining member value and benefits as affordable rates, especially in light of the current economic climate. The budget covers operating expenses without increasing dues and includes spending $50,000 from reserves to cover three specific projects: website improvements, compensation and benefits review, and improvements to the Awards program. The budget is conservative, reflecting our best assumptions about participation in CWEA's programs and services. We'll monitor our progress and adjust as needed as the fiscal year unfolds.


CWEA’s Annual Leadership Meeting--November 4, 2009
Please save the date for this important event. This year, the meeting will be held at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel on November 4th. It will begin at 10:00 AM and will run through 3:00 PM. Expect to learn useful leadership tools and strategies to build trust, motivate your team to achieve its maximum potential, and foster a sense of community and purpose. A more detailed list of topics and an agenda will be available within the next few weeks. 

Remember, there is no registration fee--so plan to attend and develop leadership skills to use for CWEA and your day job!


Emailing First Renewal Notices, Some Conference Brochures Begins This Autumn
CWEA is always looking for ways to reduce both expenses and our use of valuable and environmentally costly resources (such as paper). As part of our efforts, we will be sending 1st renewal notices (for both certification and membership) electronically. To alert members and certificate holders of this change in process, we will be sending messages through the mail and through emails. Please help us as we let members and certificate holders know about this change, and be ready to respond to any questions they might have using the following information:

  • Members and certificate holders will have the same amount of time to renew that they’ve always had.
  • First notices will be sent electronically, but 2nd and 3rd notices will be mailed.
  • If CWEA does not have an email address for a particular person, all notices to that person will continue to be mailed.

Electronic membership renewal notices will start with memberships expiring this autumn. The first group of certificate holders will receive their electronic renewals for certificates expiring January, 2010. CWEA will also email flyers and brochures for the P3S and Specialty conferences to members with email addresses on file. All other members will still receive mailed paper flyers and brochures for these two conferences.    

Please help us save funds (which we can use to better support our members and certificate holders) and the planet—encourage your members to notify us of new or changed email addresses, and to renew online.


New WEF Dues
WEF has increased its membership dues. WEF Professional memberships are now $217 (formerly $214) and WEF PWO memberships are now $177 (formerly $176). We have updated our membership applications to reflect the new WEF dues.  

If you distribute membership applications at any of your events, please take a moment to print and make copies of the new application:


Increase Event Attendance--Consider Mandatory Training Topics
With the past year of economic crisis in California, training and travel budgets have been shrinking. However, employers have been telling us that they still have budgets to send their employees to mandatory or essential training, such as that required to keep or earn certifications.  Therefore, Local Sections and Committees should consider holding events with topics that can be used for certification contact hours. CWEA has developed a list of training topics that have been approved for each of the vocations we certify. Local sections and committees are encouraged to download the Training Relevancy List and use it when developing training events.

How to Issue Contact Hours for Local Section and Committee Training Events
Providing contact hours is also a great way to increase the value—and the appeal—of your training events, and to increase the likelihood that the training will be supported by employers. For CWEA Local Sections and Committees, providing contact hours is easy. Unlike third-party trainers, CWEA events do not require pre-approval to be accepted by CWEA’s certification program. Local Sections and Committees simply need to provide attendees with documentation of the contact hours earned. The Training Relevancy List shows which vocations will be accepted for your training. For more information on how CWEA Local Sections and Committees can issue contact hours, please visit our contact hour web page, or contact Certification Services Coordinator Leslie Cariño at 510-382-7800 x107, or [email protected].

STAFF CONTACTS  510-382-7800


Latasha King


Publications & Advertising

Amber Rhett


Local Sections & Committees

Chris Lundeen 


SSO-WDR Training

Serena Miller Serena Miller


Brian Murray


Awards & Leaderlink

Jodee Schwan



Leslie Carino


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Chase


Leadership Calendar





July 31

Local Section and Committees

FY 2008-2009 Annual Statement, Reserve Fund report, and Inventory Report due for Local Sections and Committees.

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

Aug. 15 All members 2009 Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship application posted. Chris Lundeen [email protected]  
Aug. 31 Certificate Holders Application deadline for the fall certification test window Leslie Cariño
[email protected]
Sept. 16 All interested leaders Board of Directors Meeting  Redding, CA Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Sept. 17 Northern Region Leaders Northern Regional Committee Meeting, NRTC Redding   Penny Carlo
[email protected]
Oct. 8 Southern Region Leaders Southern Regional Committee Meeting, Coachella Valley WD Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
Nov. 4 Current & prospective CWEA leaders Annual Leadership Meeting
Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Nov. 30 All members Winter certification testing window deadline Vivien Malig [email protected] 
Dec. 8 Northern Region Leaders Northern Regional Committee Meeting, CWEA office, Oakland, CA  Penny Carlo
[email protected]
Dec. 17 All members CWEA Board nominations due, including completed questionnaire and bio. Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
Jan. 8 Local Section Awards Committees Local Section & Committee Awards submissions due for State awards Amber Rhett [email protected] 
Jan. 15 All members Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship application deadline Amber Rhett [email protected]
Jan. 28 Southern Region Leaders Southern Regional Committee Meeting, San Diego Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
Jan. 29-30 All interested leaders Board of Directors Meeting San Diego, CA Victoria Rawson
[email protected]
In Other Words
In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
--Eric Hoffer

What you always do before you make a decision is consult. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted. Then, once policy is determined, you call on them to help you sell it.
--Elizabeth Dole

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