California Water Environment Association                                                           June  2010
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Awards Season Starts July 1

CWEA Board Approves FY 10-11 Budget

Print and Electronic Local Section Newsletter Questions

CWEA Staff Can Help With Local Section Contracts

Help Keep Our CWEA Member Data Current

Transition to New Web Host Will Affect Local Section Sites

New Schedule For Wastewater Professional

Staff Contacts

Leadership Calendar

Awards Season Starts July 1

Awards applications for the new award season will be posted to the CWEA web site July 1. If you have questions about this year's awards program, here's what to do:

  • If you have questions about anything on the forms themselves-the questions, information needed to apply--- contact the standing committee that does the judging. 
  • If the downloadable forms don't work or if you have any questions contact Communications and Membership Manager Lola Dvorak at 510-382-7800 x114 or [email protected]

Tips for increasing awards entries:

  • Call people you know should enter. Make a list of agencies. Divide the list among your board/committee members. Make personal calls encouraging them to enter. 
  • Promote early. Promote often. Encourage members at every event, in every publication to enter. 
  • Remind members to start filling out their applications now.


CWEA Board Approves Balanced FY 10-11 Budget

On June 26th, the Board approved CWEA's FY 10-11 budget to continue to fulfill our core mission to train and certify water environment professionals. The break-even budget takes a conservative approach to training attendance, new member income, and certification applications and renewals based on the economy and our experience in FY 09-10. 

The program of work also includes spending $73,100 from reserves to cover three specific projects: website make-over, awards program improvements, and certification test revalidation. We'll continue to monitor closely and adjust as needed as the fiscal year unfolds. Be on the look-out for the July Leader Link for full details about the FY 10-11 budget.


Can CWEA Locals Sections Charge Extra to Send Print Copies of Newsletters?

At the joint April NRC/SRC meeting the following two questions came up regarding CWEA local section newsletters:  

  1. Can a CWEA local section that offers its newsletter in both print and electronic form charge a fee to members who receive the section newsletter in print?
    Nope.  Local section newsletters are a member benefit and need to be included in the dues for all members. You wouldn’t add a surcharge to some members for a specific format if the local section offers the newsletter in multiple formats. (See Article 9.2 of the CWEA Constitution). 

  2. Can a CWEA local section offer their newsletter in electronic format only (no print)?
    Local sections technically can switch to an electronic member newsletter only. Some sections, such as the San Francisco Bay Section, have gone to an all electronic newsletter with few complaints.  However, a local section should consider if this is the best member relations decision for their local community. Before making the switch to all electronic communications, consider the percent of your members who have unique email addresses and connect with a local section that has made the transition to see what worked well and what didn’t.  

    Finding the right balance of print and electronic communication is worth some thought. Since all members do not have email or easy access to the web, locals sections with all electronic newsletters may want to send renewing members an annual print mailing bringing them up to date when renewing and send a welcome letter to new members.  And, many local sections have found it useful to ask their members to print the section’s electronic flyers and post them in their places of employment…good spots are on bulletin boards and in break rooms.


CWEA Staff Can Help With Local Section Contracts  

As you plan your CWEA local sections events, you may run into contracts, clauses and language that are new to you or just don’t make sense.  Julie Taylor , CWEA’s Director of Education and Training, can help out.  Just contact her with your questions and she’ll get you input on those pesky phrases that make up contracts.  She can be reached at [email protected] or 510-382-7800 x103.  Please note that CWEA does not need to review all the local section contracts and local sections still sign the contracts, but we’re here to help!


Help Keep CWEA Membership Data Current       

We need your help to keep contact information for our nearly 9,000 members up to date. Please make sure to carefully review your CWEA Local Section monthly rosters and let us know if you have changes or additions, especially e-mail addresses This will ensure that the Wastewater Professional, event invitations and certification renewal notices all get to the right place. In particular, we’re hoping to gather more email addresses so we can get our valuable educational and training messages out more efficiently.    

In addition, please encourage your members to check their contact records by logging on to our Online Service Center


Local Section and Committee Web Sites will be Affected by July Transition to New Web Host  

The CWEA web site is getting an update this July. Along with the new look will be a transition to a new web host. Any CWEA local sections or committees with web sites hosted by CWEA will be switched to the new host at the same time as the CWEA state site.  For the first 24-72 hours after the transition, the CWEA site and any hosted CWEA local section and committee sites may not be available as the new host information is propagated through the web. Other than that, the end user experience on the local section and committee web sites will be exactly the same with the same web addresses. The only change for local section and committee web masters, with sites hosted by CWEA, will be new FTP logons. Communications and Membership Manager Lola Dvorak will be contacting all local section and committee web masters and leaders with the exact timing the and details about 2 weeks ahead of the transition.


Wastewater Professional on New Schedule

In case you haven't heard already, the Wastewater Professional is now produced three times per year. Our Summer issue is due to mail August 2010. The next issue will be January 2011 and will include the Annual Conference 11 brochure. The third issue will be mailed April 2011. The full calendar is below.

Cover Date       Issue Date        Stories Due      Ads Due 
Summer 2010    August 16
Winter 2011       January 3          October 4          November 8                  
Spring 2011       April 3               January 3          February 4 



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Leadership Calendar      





July 1 CWEA Leaders 2010 Awards Forms Posted Lola Dvorak
[email protected] 
July 5 CWEA office closed in observance of Independence Day
July 21 LS & Committee leaders in the south Southern Regional Committee Meeting-- Big Bear CSD Debra Bogdanoff
[email protected]
August 1 LS & Committee Leaders Local Section & Committee Annual Statements Due Brian Murray [email protected] 
September 1 LS Leaders Kirt Brook Memorial Water Environment Scholarship Forms Available for Download Chris Lundeen
[email protected] 
September 6 CWEA office closed in observance of Labor Day
September 15 Northern LS & Committee Leaders NRC Meeting-- NRTC Modesto Rick Staggs
[email protected]
September 15 LS Leaders and TCP Committee Members TCP Committee Meeting Vivien Malig
[email protected]
September 15 CWEA Leaders CWEA Board Meeting-- NRTC, Modesto Victoria Rawson
[email protected] 
Full CWEA Event Calendar
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