California Water Environment Association                                                           April 2010
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Tapping into Pools of New Members

Scholarship Donations At 5-S Induction This Year

Post Your Events Online!

TCP Seeking Northern Liaison

LS & Committee Budgets Due April 30

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Tapping Into Pools of Potential Membership

Do you know who your local section serves? It is not just the active members shown on your membership roster. It is also all of the wastewater professionals, agencies, consultants, suppliers and manufacturers within your local section’s boundaries. That’s your service area. If your local section is communicating with just those members on your roster, then you are missing out on a pool of potential members who can add to your local section’s professional network. Be sure to identify and reach out to professionals who may be working in your local section’s service area, but are not current members or even aware of your local section. If you are unsure about your local section boundaries, they are published in the Local Section Policy (pages 6 and 7), and some local section constitutions

By default, members belong to the local section in which they work, but they can also choose to belong to any locals section. So, you may see some members with addresses outside of your local section boundaries. Many members belong to multiple locals sections that are outside of the area where they live or work. 

Another pool of potential members is your lapsed members. Each month your local section roster includes the names and contact information of individuals whose memberships  have expired in the past 12 months. Include some or all of those past members on your event announcements. If they see something they like, they may come back and rejoin your local section.

The most important asset to any membership organization is obvious: It is the members themselves. More members means more participation in training events, a larger pool of brain power to anticipate and solve problems through member networking, and a bigger pool of volunteers and leaders. So, the more members you have the more valuable your local section becomes. Be sure to tap into your pool of potential members and increase the value of belonging to your local section.


Bring Your Giant Scholarship Donation Checks to the 5-S Induction at AC10!

If your local section or committee has a scholarship donation to give, it is always fun to present a giant check, and even more fun to cash it. No matter what size your check is bring it to the 5-S Induction during the Thursday Lunch in the exhibit hall at this year’s Annual Conference in Sacramento . President Darren Greenwood will gladly accept your check-- even if it is tiny. Be sure to bring along all of your committee and local section friends and offer to buy them lunch. They will be impressed by the size of your checkbook and your generosity (just don’t tell them that all paid attendees in the exhibit hall will be getting a free lunch that day).  

The 5-S Induction and presentation of checks will be made at the Operations Challenge area of the exhibit hall and will begin at 12:30pm.  If you plan on making a donation, please email [email protected] so we can start filling out our giant deposit slips.


Post Your Events on the CWEA Online Calendar

A few months ago we launched a new web service that allows local sections and committees to post events in an easy to search calendar that allows members can to find out about the training they need, when and where it’s happening. You can search by category or any word in a posting. Try it your self by clicking here then typing in “collection” (or anything else) and see what pops up!

Make sure you event is not left out. To post an event just email [email protected] with the event title, date, description, contact info, and location. Staff will post your event for you. If you have flyers or registration forms to include, post them on your local section web site and send the links along with your email. Although the calendaring tool does a lot, it cannot accommodate attached files. If you have any questions about the new calendar contact Lola Dvorak at [email protected] or 510-382-7800 x114.


TCP Executive Committee Seeking Northern Regional Liaison  

The TCP Executive Committee is seeking candidates for its Northern Regional Liaison position. The Northern Liaison serves on the TCP Executive Committee and on the Northern Regional Committee.  The TCP Executive Committee works closely with CWEA staff to guide the strategic direction of CWEA’s Technical Certification Program. The TCP Executive Committee meets by phone each month and in person at the TCP Committee meeting during the CWEA Annual Conference in April of each year. The TCP Northern Liaison is expected to also attend the Northern Regional Committee meetings 4 times per year. For more information contact Certification Manager Vivien Malig at [email protected] or 510-382-7800 x106.


Local Section & Committee Budgets Due April 30

Get your Committee and Local Section budgets and work plans for FY 10-11 in by April 30th so they can be considered in CWEA’s upcoming budget cycle.  Your Board Liaison can help you through the process and you can access the forms directly online (through Mbr/Leader Resources, I’m a leader, Committee, Writing Reports and Articles – or  Send your work plans and budgets to [email protected].

As we continue the budget drafting cycle for FY 10-11, be sure to let your Board Liaison know if you have ideas for new products or programs CWEA should consider.  You and your Board Liaison can discuss the relationship of your idea with CWEA’s strategic plan and resources. Your Board Liaison can also assist you in completing the product development form so our Planning & Program Development ( PPD ) Committee can consider your proposal.  If PPD gives it the green light, then it would go to the Board for consideration.

STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


Latasha King x 110


Publications & Advertising
Lola Dvorak
  x 114


Local Sections, Committees, Leader Link

Chris Lundeen  x 104



Brian Murray x 102


Lola Dvorak  x 114



Leslie Carino x 107


Conferences & Exhibits

Marci Donohoe x 120


Leadership Calendar





April 20 Anybody interested in teaching TCP study sessions TCP Study Session Trainer Training Joanna De Sa at [email protected]
April 21 Local section and committee leaders NRC & SRC meetings at AC10 Sacramento. Chris Lundeen [email protected]
April 20-23 All Members CWEA Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA Jodee Schwan  [email protected]   
April 30 LS & Committee Leaders FY 10-11 Annual Plan and Budgets Due Chris Lundeen [email protected]
August 1 LS & Committee Leaders Local Section & Committee Annual Statements Due Brian Murray [email protected]
Leader Link: Linking Local Sections, Committees, Board Liaisons, and Past Presidents
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