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Certification Prep Trainers Needed

Budgets Due April 30

Treasurers' Training Webinar

Department of Public Health Contact Hours

Annual Conference '09

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Local Section Policy Replacing Affiliation Agreement Review Draft and Give at April SRC/NRC Meeting

The Board Membership & External relations Committee (MER) is in the process of revising the Local Section Affiliation Agreement. It will morph into the Local Section Policy which  will continue to document the responsibilities of CWEA local sections and their role as an integral part of our association.   

Locals section leaders are encouraged to attend the joint NRC/SRC meeting at AC 2009 where the draft will be distributed and an overview given.  Since this is a new item, locals sections will have additional opportunities to discuss and review the draft at individual NRC and SRC meetings over the summer. MER is planning on finalizing the draft in to recommend to the CWEA Board at its September meeting, in time for the 2010 Local Section Officer turn over.  

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Review and Discuss the draft policy at the SRC/NRC Meeting Wednesday, April 29, 3:00-4:40 pm, Pueblo A/B, Palm Springs Convention Cen

Next Generation of Certification Prep Trainers Needed!

We’ve gone to Computer-Based Testing (CBT)…you can take a test sitting in front of a computer rather than taking a “paper and pencil” test at a local testing site.  You get your “pass/fail” when you are done! What’s missing?!?!?!  More people to conduct the Study Sessions – that’s where YOU come in!
  • Are you a TCP- certified “practitioner” in:
    • Collection System Maintenance
    • Environmental Compliance Inspector
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Mechanical Technology
    • Electrical/Instrumentation
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Biosolids Land Application Management
  • Are you ready to take your skills to a NEW LEVEL – by teaching what you know to others?
  • Are you ready for some first-class mentoring from current Moderators on “how to do it?”

If this is you, get in touch with Chris Lundeen , California Water Environment Association, at [email protected] 

CWEA is putting together a list of interested folks for our next Moderator Training – coming soon!

Study Sessions will continue to be the way we get folks ready for the test -  Step on up!  Growth, excitement, and participating in training up the “Next Generation” of practitioners awaits!

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For more information please contact Joanna De Sa at [email protected]


Standing Committee and Local Section Budgets Due April 30

Get your Standing Committee and Local Section budgets and work plans for FY 09-10 in by April 30th so they can be considered in CWEA’s upcoming budget cycle.  Your Board Liaison can help you through the process and you can access the forms directly online (through Mbr/Leader Resources, I’m a leader, Committee, Writing Reports and Articles – or  Send your work plans and budgets to [email protected] 

As we enter the budget drafting cycle for FY 09-10, be sure to let your Board Liaison know if you have ideas for new products or programs CWEA should consider.  You and your Board Liaison can discuss the relationship of your idea with the strategic plan and resources. You Board Liaison can also assist you in completing the new product development form so our Planning & Program D evelopment ( PP D ) Committee can consider your proposal.  If PP D gives it the green light, then it would go to the Board for consideration. 

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Financial Reporting Forms and Info

Board Liaison List

Treasurers' Training Webinars

Local section treasurers participated in a series of training webinars last month. The online webinars, lead by incoming CWEA Treasurer Phil Scott, had participation from most local sections. The basics of local section financial reporting were covered, along with an informative question and answer session. A final webinar is being planned right now for those sections who could not attend the March webinars (local section presidents and treasurers of sections who wer not able to participate should keep an eye out for an email invitation).

Here is a brief list of the frequently asked questions from the Treasurers’ Training Webinars:

Q: How many signatures are required on checks written by the local section?

A: Two signatures are always needed—usually the locals section president and treasurer. Contact CWEA for our FedEx number if you need to get your checks shipped overnight to the signatories. Be sure to never sign blank checks.  

Q: Does the CWEA Executive Director need to be on our local section bank signature card?

A: Yes, please make sure your signature card includes our Executive Director’s signature. You bank may be able to send the signature card to a bank near the CWEA office in Oakland .

Q: What is a banking resolution?

A: This is a document approved by your local section board of directors that states which local section officers can conduct official bank business for the local section. Some banks require a banking resolution. If possible, approve a resolution that names the positions that are authorized, and not the specific names. That way your board won’t have to submit a new resolution each year as the board officers turn over.

Q: I heard that CWEA is transitioning to accrual accounting, does that mean locals sections have to convert too?

A: No, local sections can remain on a cash basis. Accrual accounting is a method that records revenues and expenses when they are incurred, regardless of when cash is exchanged.

Q: What are the required financial reports our section must complete?

A: By April 30, your section will need to turn in its annual budget. Each month you must complete the budget variance statement along with your bank statements, copies of cancelled checks, check request forms, and receipts. By August 1st, your section will need to turn in the annual statement. 

Q: Who develops our local section annual budget?

A: Although your local section may have a group of individuals draft the budget (such as the board officers), your local section board ultimately approves the budget.

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Financial report forms

Department of Public Health Contact Hours Now Available!

CWEA, in partnership with the Department of Public Health (DPH) have approved a number of CWEA's Annual Conference sessions for contact hours for Water Distribution and Treatment. Currently these new DPH hours are being offered at two workshops and at eleven sessions during the Annual Conference. CWEA will continue to work with DPH to get pre-approval for CWEA's future events. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Taylor at [email protected]

CWEA's Annual Conference Next Week!

Join us this year at the 81st Annual Conference in Palm Springs! Pre-Conference workshops on Tuesday, April 28th and a kick off event that evening at the Icebreaker Reception at the Wyndham. Don't miss out on all of the great sessions, events and exhibitors! 

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Annual Conference Brochure

STAFF CONTACTS - 510-382-7800


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Chris Lundeen x 104


Local Sections & Committees

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SSO-WDR Training

Serena Miller x 115


Brian Murray x 102


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Conferences & Exhibits

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Leadership Calendar





April 28 - May1 All leaders welcome 81st Annual Conference Mary Chen
[email protected]
April 28 All leaders welcome Committee & Local Section Leadership Training Workshop. 12pm-5pm, Palm Springs Conv. Center, Sierra room. Lunch included. Pei-Chin Low
[email protected]

April 28

All leaders welcome

CWEA Board meeting, Palm Springs .

Victoria Rawson [email protected]

April 30

local section and committees

Annual work plan & budgets for FY 2009-10 due for local sections and committees.

Brian Murray [email protected]

May 2

All leaders welcome

CWEA Board meeting, Palm Springs .

Victoria Rawson [email protected]

May 19, 20, 21 All leaders and local section members Doing More with Less ~ Meeting the Challenges of the Current Economy Serena Miller
[email protected]
June 4 All leaders and local section members Southern Safety Training Day - Carson, CA Serena Miller
[email protected]

July 31

local section and committees

FY 2008-2009 Annual Statement, Reserve Fund report, and Inventory Report due for local section and committee.

Chris Lundeen [email protected]

Leader Link: Linking Local Sections, Committees, Board Liaisons, and Past Presidents
For more info contact us at [email protected]